It's exciting and terrifying!

rgrin2000July 1, 2014

Last time we tried to sell (November 2007), we tried for a year before finally renting it out. DH had moved already and was renting an apartment (work) and keeping the family apart any longer was not going to work. We were finally above to sell December of 2010.

Now, we are moving again for work. I'm so nervous about selling this time. I don't want to keep the kids away from Daddy for a year again, but we can't afford two houses. So, we're praying things are better now then they were then. Our listing went live yesterday, and we've had two showings already. I'm taking that as a good sign. But, oh, the stress! I'd forgotten how nerve-racking it can be! At least I don't have to pick up after an infant and toddler like I did in 2007. Now my 7- and 8-year-olds can help me clean. ;-)

Here is a link for the listing so you can see.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Listing at

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Good luck. It is stressful. I know in my area the market is a lot better than 2007-2010. Hopefully it is in your area as well.

I don't know if you were looking at input on your listing - but. . . Overall I think the photos look great. It looks bright and spacious. And I love that view out the back. My "issues" - The wall paper in the master bath makes me cringe. Enough that I might not ever go look at the house. I'd almost eliminate those photos. Use some other bathroom photos instead. And I think you have too much stuff on the kitchen counters. Like the fruit bowl. And all that stuff on the shelving unit. That stuff should have been removed before the photos were taken.

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pixie_lou, you must have a lot of houses to choose from. I think the fruit looks nice. I'm not a big fan of wallpaper, but I could live with that.

That's about the cleanest garage I've ever seen.

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newberrie, deep breaths. Having anxiety won't make it go any more smoothly, or faster either.

I think the house looks great and I hope you have your family intact, together very soon. It looks appropriately decluttered to me, and I find that bathroom nicely done. The tub and sink/vanity are very attractive. I might not have chosen that wallpaper myself, but I'm a little prejudiced against wallpaper in general :) It works fine with that room, and I don't think the wallpaper in one small space would send buyers out the door again.

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OMG! That deck and view should sell your house quickly!!!! The pics look good---I would remove the shelf unit in the dining room all together and I second the bathroom wallpaper (buyers can b sooooo picky---is there maybe a way you could paint over it?)

Anyway, good luck---it is an awesome house!

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I like the wallpaper, it goes well with the tub and sink. I think the house looks spacious and uncluttered, yet homey. I'd buy your house for the views alone :)

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I'm not normally a huge fan of wallpaper either - and I don't find that pattern all that bad. It's not something I would have chosen myself, but it sure wouldn't deter me from buying a house!

I don't have the expert eye some of the folks on here do. All I can tell you is the place looks clean, bright, and well-kept. That alone would draw me in for a viewing. So many of the properties on the market are filthy - so the fact yours appears so clean and bright is a huge advantage.

I know it is a stressful time. Good luck!

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Susan - it's my opinion. It doesn't matter how many houses I can choose from. You could live with the wallpaper. I couldn't. Other responses have also commented on the wallpaper.

Also, the house is listed as having 3 bathrooms, but only 1 is shown. If this is the "best looking" bathroom, it makes me wonder what the other bathrooms look like.

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Good luck - hope you sell really fast this time. I would have opened the photo's with that gorgeous view, though!

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Pixie, bedrooms are usually a floor and four walls and a window or two. What's to really see? Secondary bedrooms do not photo well.

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Yippeeeee! We've gotten an offer... in spite of the bathroom decor ;-). We are thrilled to be able to move forward and minimize the disruption to our family.

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Oh, congratulations, I'm pleased for you. And who knows - maybe it was because of the bathroom décor, not in spite of it :) I especially liked the sink vanity. I didn't say earlier it was hard to imagine you had children the ages yours are in that house, it looked much too neat and organized for that to me. And apparently showed quite well. Again, congratulations.

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