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geokidMay 29, 2012

Hi All,

We have an off-to-the-side space in our dining area in our open concept house. It's not huge, it's probably not even technically a "space", but I want to do something with it.

I'd love a comfy place right by the big windows to stretch out with my coffee and a book. Or to have a place for sick kiddos to lounge and watch TV when they are home from school (the only other TV in the house is in the family room downstairs and that's a pain since my kids are little).

The overall space is 10' x 13' with a 55" round expandable table in the center. One side of the room leads outside and the other side is where I want a lounge space. The lounge space is about 2' x 6'.

I found a bench at WM that is the perfect dimensions, but I'm not sure about it. Anyone have experience with WM furniture? Or is there another bench/chaise/settee that you can recommend that would be about that size?

I guess another option would be to get a dining bench that could be used at the table as well as for lounging.

Here is a picture of the space. I've since taken up the rug and purchased a round table, which I love! The lounging spot would go where the plants are on the left.

Another view of the space. There is a wall-mount swivel TV just off-camera to the left. Ignore the ridiculously placed light. That is being replaced.

Here is a link that might be useful: Taylor Bench

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Not sure that I would purchase a bench unless I could sit on it - and perhaps have kids lay down on it if that is going to be part of the use.

I think having the space is a nice idea. Now that you have a round table, would a bench really work with that for seating (or do you have leaves so that the table becomes an oval?).

Have you considered a chaise instead?

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Thanks, Les.

Yeah, you're right about testing them out first. Now I just have to get a free day to make the six hour round trip to the nearest WM. Maybe I need to look somewhere closer. :)

I currently use a 48" bench on one side of the table. It works great for two people when we need the seating. And the table does expand to an oval.

Wall to edge of table is 54". That would fit a narrow bench or chaise, and a chair at the table.

And yes, I have considered a chaise. I'd actually prefer that, but I can't find anything that is narrow enough. Any ideas?

Current pics of space. Sorry the lighting is bad, it's so bright in there that it's hard to get a decent pic. (We are also going to be painting the trim white when we replace the windows, and I'm looking for new curtains. The rug on the right will be moved outside on the deck when that gets built.)

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Check out the dimensions of these lounge chairs.

Here is a link that might be useful: lounge chairs

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What about having a small banquette built? Not sure if you've placed your light yet..it might involve moving the table to do this.

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Thanks, yayagal. I like the armed ones, but I'm afraid 32 inches would still be too wide. Hmmmm...

olychick, I have thought of that idea too and I really like it. The one thing is that the table wouldn't be centered in the room or the windows, but off to one side. Do you think that would look strange? When the table is extended it would be centered though.

And where would I place the lighting? Centered in the room or over the table or ?? Right now it's not centered on anything anywhere, it's like they just picked a spot at random.

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I think it would look terrific in your space and really warm/cozy it up - not odd at all to have it to one end of the space. It would be very kid friendly...you could have TWO sick youngsters in the space. You could do toy (or other) storage in the bases. You could even extend the bench on the long wall closer to the door for more seating in the area and to pull the space all together.

I think I would center the light over the table when it's round and not worry when it's extended - I assume the round is the primary use? You wouldn't want to worry about bumping your head if you centered it in the room but had the table to one end. Or do two smaller light fixtures, one centered over the table and another further toward the door..not low hanging chandeliers but maybe semi-flush? Not necessarily these...but maybe something that hangs like this?

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Lightbulb moment! Two fixtures. Great idea! Thanks!

Now to add banquette bench to the list of winter projects. :)

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