RECIPE: Healthy Collard Greens

teresa_nc7November 23, 2007

Yesterday for our Thanksgiving Dinner, my sister brought delicious collard greens. So I thought I would share her method:

1 large bag frozen, chopped collard greens - cook these in boiling salted water until tender (she bought hers from Costco)

1/4 cup each - olive oil, cider vinegar, maple syrup

2 whole cloves of garlic peeled

saute the garlic in the olive oil a few minutes, remove garlic cloves

over low heat, warm together the olive oil in the pan, the vinegar, and the maple syrup

pour oil/vinegar/syrup mixture over warm drained greens, toss very well to mix together - taste and add more vinegar if desired; season with salt and pepper

If you want to make a large quantity, just double everything.

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Thank you Teresa. How do you think turnip greens would taste prepared this way? Turnip Greens are DH's favorite green.

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I think turnip greens would be fine done this way. What I like are "mixed greens" which have turnip, collards, kale, and mustard greens mixed together. This recipe vied for top billing with my best caterer that I use at the office where I work....hers are very good also - but she won't give out her recipe.

Last night I heated up some of these collards with leftover turkey and gravy, ham, and sweet potatoes for a delicious dinner of T-day leftovers.

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Sounds good -- do you know how many ounces the bag of greens was? We don't have a costco around here, and I'm trying to get a mental image if this was a "jumbo" costco sized bag or a more normal sized bag you'd get at the supermarket...


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It was probably a jumbo sized bag from Costco.

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