KD with limited cabinet lines?

leeber01April 8, 2013

So excited to start the process of redoing the kitchen in our new home. Meeting with our first KD tomorrow who has a very established business right in our neighborhood. I get the sense that they do a lot of higher end kitchens, but am assuming they work with all budgets, including our modest one.

I noted on their website that they only list WoodMode, BentWood, Allimilmo, and Bornholm as the brands they represent. (We definitely don't have a WoodMode budget, btw.) Is there any disadvantage to using a KD with such limited lines? Will a KD that regularly uses a wider variety of cabinet companies be more helpful/knowledable in designing a kitchen because some other cabinet lines may offer different options?

It's just a starting point so I'm not sure why I'm so anxious. So excited though!

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Our shop only carries three cabinet lines, and one of those has very limited options. From the other two, Mid-Continent and Showplace, there are a wide variety of price points and styles. Unless you are wanting something very specific, I think people can get the look they want using the options from a good quality line of cabinetry or two. After a while, many things are just duplicates of similar quality. A good KD who knows the ins and outs of one or two cabinet lines (most of which, these days, can be more flexible than you think) is better than one who only knows a little and has way too much to choose from. Just my opinion. I wouldn't worry about it.

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Certain KDs don't charge for the design and get a commission from the cabinet sales. If that's the case with this KD and you can't afford any of the lines she carries in your budget, you most likely would be wasting her time and yours. Find an independent KD who charges for a design, or find a KD who carries a cabinet line that you like and can afford.

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Welcome... and how exciting to be starting this process! If you like the KD and feel like he or she "gets" you and your vision, I think that is probably more important than the specific line. Unless you do need something very particular. You may want to research each of those cabinet lines though to determine if you think one of them might be a good fit for your project. I believe Woodmode has a more budget friendly line, so keep that in mind. Tell us what you're thinking about for your kitchen and let us know how the meeting goes. Good luck!

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Woodmode also makes Brookhaven and both are excellent cabinets. I've had mine (a mix of both) over 6 years.

I think you are going to find that all or nearly all places you look will have a limited selection. The place where I bought mine did most of their work in Woodmode and Brookhaven though they had one -- possibly two, other lines. Check out the Brookhaven. Look at the frameless ones while you are at it. ;-)

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Mine offered only one, Dura Supreme. The quality was evident in her sample showroom.

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Sophie Wheeler

Just because that's what's advertised doesn't mean that they don't carry others. And, with the versatility within lines, all you really need is one good one.

You can do everything from a basic 4K golden oak kitchen through a upper midgrade 60K kitchen with mitered cherry door with onlay moldings and decorative hood and stacked cabinets. All from the same line. It's only the very low end or the very high end that may not make it's way into a broad medium grade line.

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Got back from meeting with the KD. She was super knowledgeable and helpful as expected. She gave us a rough price estimate based on the measurements we gave her. The quote was for Brookhaven, which is their entry level line. The figure was in the mid-20s, which was a bit higher than we expected but not crazy with what we're looking for.

The question know is to figure out how many other KDs/cabinet places to visit. Then we have to figure out if we would use the KD as the project manager (meaning they would bring in their own contracting crew) or if we just want to order materials and get our own GC.

So many decisions. Definitely feeling a little overwhelmed but cannot wait for my dream kitchen!

Thanks for the info, everyone. I definitely felt like meeting with a KD that only carries a limited number of cabinet brands wasn't a big issue at all.

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I got three estimates on cabinets using the same information. That gave me enough information to make a decision. You can evaluate cost, materials, and company while getting the estimates.

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