Solar Lanterns for Summer?

judithnMay 1, 2012

Hi everyone, our winter clean up is done, the beds have been cleaned and mulched, and now I'm thinking about decorating outside. What do you do to make your backyard nicer for hanging out and/or entertaining? I am thinking of globe shaped solar lanterns or candle lanterns made of ball jars to hang from the trees. Has anyone used any solar lanterns and if so, any recommendations of good sources? I have so much to do, any tips are welcome! Thank you.

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I had a couple from Allsop. The pink one faded fast. The white one looked great for most of the summer, but then I started having problems with the solar panel.

Here is a link that might be useful: Allsop

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laura mcleod

I tried those last year - (and they were not a cheap version) but with mine, the LED bulbs were were very "blue" and had a cold/bad fluorescent lighting feel to them.

My neighbors have old school white Christmas lights in their trees, and the light is so warm and inviting. I am going that route this summer - for me, there is just no comparison in how the light feels. I know it is not green, and I am sorry for that! :)

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Laura, the white lantern I had used an amber bulb which emitted a warm light. It was also available in LED, but I didn't want that for the same reason you mentioned.

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Looks like I left out a couple words. Both bulbs were LED, but the yellow had a natural, warm light while the white LED did not.

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laura mcleod

That is genius to have an amber bulb! I will look for that -

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We bought little solar lanterns from Target two years ago. They weren't cheap--I think they were something like 2 for $16.99. The first summer, all of them worked beautifully, putting out a warm, inviting light. The next summer, something like 3 out of 10 did not work.

We'll see what happens this year.

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