RECIPE: benflower, how are you getting it together

annie1971November 26, 2008

This may not be the place, but I'm interested in how you are formatting your recipe book. I've been getting one together for (it seems like) years and I'm still in the formatting stage. I have recipe favorites of grandparents and of course my mom. I have collected my own recipes over the years from all across the country. I've asked my close family and friends for one of their favorite recipes (as you've probably done) and I try to include photo's of the recipe donor as well. I'm including old family handwritten recipes that I'm carefully laminating for my own book. This is weird, I know, but I have a "household/maintenance" section that includes furniture refinishing techniques, air freshening, clothes cleaning, lawn care concoctions, etc. It's great fun getting it all together, but I'm having a hard time with computer skills, software to organize, etc. Can you or anyone else steer me right. I don't want to just gather everything up and send it off to a book maker. I want a personal record I can pass on. Any how-to tips?


P.S. I too have some personal favorites if you're still looking for more, but you got a great response of T and T's already. Many I will be trying as well.

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I am using software I downloaded from the internet called AccuChef-- I have not purchased it yet -- You get 60 log-ons before you have to pay ($19.95). It gives you a format you can print out on 8.5x11 - 4x6 or 3x5 index cards. (I am using the 4x6 - but just printing on card stock instead of buying the index cards which are perforated and made especially for printing-- much more expensive.) The formatting is done for you and all you have to do is fill in the ingredients and description, etc. It's an o.k software, but there may be better ones out there-- If I was just beginning, now I would look for something that is compatible with Word-- (if such a thing exists) so you have more formatting options.

The only thing I DON'T like about it is unless you use the 8.5 x11 format (which might work better for you)-- it's really difficult to include pictures or clip art. I have not experimented with the larger format much, as I am using the 4x6 and inserting them into a regular photo album of that size which holds up to 200. The album has space on the left of the place where you insert the recipe where you can write in a personal note. I will be using this for personal comments as well as including some comments within the recipes (i.e.-- grandma's recipe, made every thanksgiving) Anyone else have any ideas?
I'll be glad to try and answer any specific questions if I can, I've had a little computer experience, but there may be others who could help you more.
(By the way, I am using those stick on tabs that are printable to divide the recipes into categories.)

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Thank you for the info -- it's a place to start and I will certainly try it. Probably something compatible with Word will be easier for me -- I'm computer challenged, but I hang in there and the 8 1/2 x 11 format is one I'm comfortable with! Thanks for the tip. I need to find something that will index in more than one place for me, or at least let me do it easily, i.e., Poultry and Casseroles or Seafood and Salads, etc.
Thanks, again.

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Annie, I have a household section too. It includes recipes like:

-Bubble Solution (for Beau's bubble machine)
-Glass Cleaner
-131 Used for Vinegar
-Weed Killer
-Facial Cleansing Oil
-Nasal Solution

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Annie, check out Home Cookin Software. They have a PDF cookbook feature. What is nice about Home Cookin is that you can copy and paste recipes from just about any format. And you can created as many different chapters as you want. I tried a number of different software programmes and this one was the easiest to use.


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Hey Annie

Just heard this on the morning news. Check out looks interesting - I don't have time to do a thorough check right now, but thought I'd pass this along to you.

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I would really love to make a cookbook for my kids. My son is a great cook and adventurous, so I know he would try a lot of the recipes. My daughter can't boil water as they say, but she loves the home cooked meals I and her grandmother (my mom) makes, so she can always pass it on to my granddaughter. So far I have just ported many of my favorites into word document files, but they don't have pictures. If I decide to print out pages to put in a binder, I will import any pictures that may be on the internet for similar recipes (even if it isn't my own picture). I am getting into the habit of using my digital camera to take pictures too.

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To all of you offering help and suggestions, I'm embarrassed to say that I think I need something compatible with a Mac computer -- thanks so much for your suggestions -- but I still need help -- seriously computer challenged, but still trying.

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I have never used this but saw it online. the reviews are iffy though but not too bad of a price i guess. probably find it cheaper on amazon

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