listing link - feedback please!

mysoultokeepJuly 23, 2009

Here's the Tour Factory link:

Any thoughts greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: virtual tour

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Nicely staged. The colors are contemporary. Someone may suggest that they are too strong, but for the market you are selling to, I bet they are perfect.

What's up with that photo titled, "master vanity"? It's distorted.

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I love the Johnny Cash poster over the sofa.

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The web site is very funky. I can't get it to stay on a particular photo or even scroll to the bottom of the screen. It keeps jumping back to the original picture and agent info. Anyone else have this problem?

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Yes, it kept jumping back to the original picture for me, too.

Some of the rooms are not my taste but I thought everything looked good. The kitchen wall color might turn some people off.

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Thanks so much for taking a look.

This community was so helpful during the remodel! I'll try to post before photos in a more appropriate section.

The Johnny Cash painting is by a local artist (Frederico) - it's acrylic on a wood door...

I'm hoping the colors aren't a problem for people over the internet - in person, they seem to love it.

Tour Factory seems to have settled down - not sure what the problem was.

Appreciate the feedback :)

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The kitchen looks pink on my monitor, is it really pink?

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I'm in Austin, too. Your decor will appeal to many, I think.

I'm still getting the same problems with Tour Factory.

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Beautifully staged, looks very fresh and upscale. I'll bet it sells fast.

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Paint vents that are at the top of the walls near the ceiling the same color as the walls.

I'm not too sure about the color in the bed rooms. The color choice combined with the crown molding makes it look too traditional, and out of place with everything else. I think the colors in those rooms need to be more vibrant, or something. The other colors with the crown are okay.

It looks like a very interesting house; I wish we had more contemporary homes here!

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Your dining room looks much smaller than it is because of the wall unit. Remove it. People are buying square footage.

Can you change your living room furniture around to emphasize the fireplace?

The strong pink in the kitchen will turn off male buyers, and a unit like this could otherwise be very attractive to male buyers.

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