14 year old Stove Fix Self Cleaning: Really?

BelfastBoundJuly 1, 2014

Over the last 3 years we have updated everything in our circa 1988 home from contact paper to knobs and light fixtures, painted every room, put down hardwood and new carpet. We have a freestanding double oven and the smaller oven broke, we fixed it for $350. Now same oven will not self clean. Hubby wants to put another $400 into it. I say no way. What would you do after laying out 50K in upgrades? Thx for your support.

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I agree with your husband.

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I agree with your husband, too.

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Are you planning on selling your house? If selling isn't a concern, I'd just live with it. Or replace the whole thing. But for selling, I'd probably do the repair.

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This is a built in double oven and not a range? How long after the repair did the self cleaning feature stop working? (I am a bit suspicious of your repair person.)

If I were selling, I would just replace it. You can get a new one for $1,000. It's 14 years old. Who knows what else could happen to it between now and when you sell the house? Why give potential buyers something to nit pick about?

If you aren't selling, I would just live with it and not make the repair. Use the other oven for messy cooking.

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We are selling. It is a range. Thanks Deee I will call the repair guy. We didn't turn on self cleaning until 2 months later. From what I read on the web, this is a feature that breaks other parts of your oven and is to be avoided BTW. I will look at craigslist to see what can be had for $400 :)

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For what it's worth, DD works at Lowes and says their appliance prices are insane (low) this weekend. Of course, its always easy to spend someone else's money.

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