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magickiwiNovember 1, 2008

Years ago people used to exchange home made jellies, jams, breads etc with family and friends at holiday time. One of the favorite things I remember is ROUND BREADS like banana bread etc) that was actually baked in a used vegetable can (a bit larger than a soup can but not enormous like a coffee can.) We would cut the top off the can, rinse the can and lid, dry em and then when ready for baking we would grease the can as best as we could, also the cut off lid. Then we would put the greased lid into the bottom of the can,add the mixture and bake. When the bread was turned out of the can it would slip right out with that lid on the bottom - without using the lid in the bottom then you couldn't get the cake out of the can!

DOES ANYONE HAVE RECIPES FOR THIS TYPE OF BREAD? I want to make up baskets with some of these breads to give out to neighbors along with some home made jelly, jam and chocolates. Baskets from Goodwill or $ store, pretty cloth napkins from $ store and I am set to go ... Just need the recipes!

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Any recipe for a quick bread will work....but I never put the lid back into the can....just baked the breads in a can. And I often used a 1 pound coffee can. I remember oner ecipe for an orange current bread, usde bisquick and concentrated OJ and currents....
And I also have another recipe called English muffin bread that is baked in a coffee can.
B and M made a Boston brown bread in a can....
Linda C

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My mom used to bake pumpkin bread in cans. I think they were HC juice cans. Do they even make HC juice anymore?

Dont think she had any special recipe. She also didnt use the lid to get the bread out. No special recipe, just plain pumpkin bread recipe.

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CA Kate

I agree, you can use any quick bread recipe. I haven't put the lid back in the can either, but always just cut off the still existing bottom and pushed.

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I also agree on you can use almost any recipe. I use pork and bean cans. I make datenut and pumpkin bread. I put them on a cookie sheet and bake six or eight at a time. Take out of the can, wrap in plastic wrap and freeze.

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Maggie4, my grandmother made date nut bread in pork and bean cans also. would you be willing to share your recipe and at what temp do you bake them?

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I also used to make any recipe and put them in the can with one end left in. If you greased it well enough, it would usually come out. Of course, that was before the days of pam when we greased and floured everything.

I might have to try it this year if I use up some cans. Deanna

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When I first got interested in making yeast breads, I used to make the dough, put it in a greased coffee can and let it rise until the plastic top popped off.......will look and see if I still have that recipe.

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Date Nut Bread in P&B can.
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1 tsp butter
2 cups flour
1 cup nuts
1 cup dates chopped
1 tsp soda
1 cup boiling water

Add chopped dates to soda water and mix with rest of ingredients. Spray can w/pam. I usually use a little sugar in the bottoms of my cans only because I don't like the white flour that shows on the bread. Bake at 325-350 for 1 hr or until a toothpick inserted in bread comes out clean. I usually double this.

Sorry for being so late but have been busy lately. Enjoy!

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