Retreaters and Mary Jo's

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLJuly 28, 2012

Just wondering how far Mary Jo's is from Camp and if you go before or after camp. And, do we all go together and scare them? lol


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Mary Jo's is about 2 hrs. or more from Camp Cheerio, located in Gastonia, near Charlotte. Don't know if she is open on Sunday, so you may want to start early and go before the Retreat.


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For several years, we have flown into Charlotte on Wednesday night, gone out to Mary Jo's Thursday morning, about ten miles west, and then gone to camp. We arrive early afternoon having lunch along the way. It's worked out well.

We'd often get things we planned to use at camp. I always bought a bunch of wide backings and had them ship them home for me. Their backings, including batiks, are incredibly priced.

This year Sue and I are taking a different route and skipping Mary Jo's but others may go.

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Looks like they are not open on Sundays so it will have to be on the way up. The good news is that the store is open until 7pm. I bet we could be there by 3pm, even with some pit stops along the way! Time to shop and still get to the camp at a reasonable time.

Wide batiks... I don't think I can pass that up.

Hours posted on the website =
Monday - Friday:
9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
9:00 AM to 5:45 PM

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I wish it was more on my route, but too far out of the way for me. Darn!


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Will sure have to figure out something....


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You need to plan on 2 hours - AT LEAST! It is so fun, wish there was one in Burlington!

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Unfortunately, Mary Jo's is past Camp for me! So I don't go that way...:(

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WOW it looks like it's worth a trip just to visit Mary Jo's!

We will have to get those 'kiddie' bracelets to keep up with each other lol!!!!!

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Anyone stopping at Mary Jo's, I suggest you take a list and swatches. It is so big you will go in and your eyes will glaze over. When you've left, you'll remember that you forgot to buy what you went in for.

So, plan ahead and make lists. The departments are divided up for stripes, polka dots, florals, Civil War, novelty, batiks, moda marbles, all 130 colors of dimples, backings, etc. The prices are the best and they will ship it to your home via UPS for a small fee.

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