Recycle bin full ... latest RH catalog mailer

chispaMay 7, 2013

I just received 6.5 lbs (yes, I weighed them) of Restoration Hardware catalogs. What is going on at that company? Five catalogs came wrapped in plastic and included Interiors, Objects of Curiosity, Outdoor & Garden, Small Spaces and Tableware. Their stuff and presentation continues to be drab and depressing. They arrived today and will be in the recycle bin in a few minutes. What a depressing waste of paper and other resources.

Anyone else have the Grim Reaper of decorating show up at their door lately? ;-)

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No, but I noticed somewhere online that evidently the name of the company is now officially 'RH' rather than Restoration Hardware.

Shorter name, longer catalog, nothin' worth buying. Winning retail combination? I think not.

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Yup. I particularly liked the part amount "real Chinese porcelain actually made in China." Like it's really, really hard to find things really made in China these days, ya' know.

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I thought about keeping the "small spaces" catalog to look through, but figured it would just add to the pile of mail that I would eventually throw away, anyway.

Most things are either too drab or scaled too large for my 2600 square foot home. :(

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I was enjoying the Tableware catalog until I saw the glasses I got at CB2 at way jacked-up prices. And then Libbey glasses, also ridiculously high. I like some of the dishes, but seriously, do they think we're idiots? I felt like the whole thing was a sham and I tossed it.

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I used their "stop mailings" some while back. you all should do the same if you don't want to get the catalogs. It is such a huge waste of postal services and paper . I wish every single person that has thrown them out would please stop the mailings. c

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I agree -- fairly amazingly huge catalogs. I only keep the main one around as sort of a coffee table book.

I admire the "natural, neutral" palette -- to a point. But color makes me happy. Individual pieces are nice (but too expensive). Put together like that most of it just seems drab. I wonder if there are people who actually just buy whole rooms out of the catalog.

That said, there are some pieces I like, such as the edison bulbs, drawer hardware, etc. that I would buy on sale.

And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the 100% linen sheets, which are not easy to find. I've started to accumulate a nice collection. On sale, of course. Oh, and don't believe the "heirloom" hype. I've had to replace one set after a year. But they still feel lovely against the skin, and I'll never willingly go back to cotton.

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Kitchendetective, snort, snort, too funny! Most people are trying to buy American (or Canadian) and they are touting China.

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I think the point is that's it's "china" -- from China.

However, it's all marketing schlop,since their "Belgian linen" is also made in China.

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I heard they are introducing reproduction dishes from the Titanic. DH and I dropped by last week to pick up some paint chips. Their sofas are so deep I felt like Lily Tomlin in her old Saturday Night Life 'little girl' skits.

Have you ever tried to sit on a 49" deep sofa?

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trail, good reminder about the stop mailing. I dumped them and didn't even think about just stopping them. Catalogs seem to show up on their own, I've never requested one from any company. They all quickly found us again, after we returned from living abroad for 3 years.

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Full disclosure: I do really love *some* RH products. But their latest heavy mailings (really 6.5 lbs?! that's ridiculous) are insane. I like thumbing through home decor catalogs (PB, C&B, etc) and will sometimes fall in love with an item or two of RH. But their catalogs are so massive now I almost never look at them. When they were normal catalog size, I used to at least thumb through them. A lot of their products are too outrageous in styling for me, and I miss the more steamlined look they used to carry. I feel guilty every time I receive their catalogs in the mail, imagining the dead trees and wasted energy creating them. Please, RH, just stop. Stop now. I need to figure out how to make them stop sending them to me.

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I don't get one single catalog.every time one came I immediately went to the computer and found the unsubscribe info. It it states on most sites that it may take one mailing to get you off the list. I am now free of every single catalog in the entire world. I haven't gotten one in a few years. Here is the link to the RH page to unsubscribe. Look in the left column and you will see it. It is under the contact us part of their website...all the way at the bottom. c

Here is a link that might be useful: unsubscribe RH

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I'm not a big fan of RH, but I did buy drapery panels from them for my LR/DR and I like them. Good quality and less expensive than custom.

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That's the thing. I did stop subscribing. They just started up again, suddenly.

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I got one too and I don't shop or browse there. It's too masculine for me. And I don't know anyone who decorates like that. As much as I love looking at catalogs and magazines, that's one I can't get interested in. Very expensive endeavor! I will look into the stop mailings thing.

I wonder how sales are going there with the new look. Is that baroque/boudoir or whatever thing still going on? I haven't gotten those catalogs for some time.

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I don't get RH, but there are usually source codes or customer numbers or key numbers in colored boxes near the mailing label. I just call the company's 800 number and request to be taken off their list using those numbers during the conversation. I always feel so wasteful when they enter my home, especially when I didn't request them.

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You would think they would know that many people:
--feel the catalogs are a waste, even an offensive abuse of resources
--understand that the cost of these mailings is recouped through higher prices for the merchandise
-- want to buy things made in the US and not China.
--find the sizes of their furniture to be too large (actually they do now recognize this and have started a second line of smaller pieces)
-- perceive that the catalogs are trying to portray a fictitous aura of luxe, antiquity, quality, whereas the reality is that a lot of the stuff is not very good quality and was made yesterday in the worst kind of working conditions

Why doesn't RH get this?

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Maybe they are catering to the rich and famous.

I think they need to update or qualify their mailing list, lol.

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ditto what chalifax said...just call and ask them to stop sending the library of crap. LOL - put the thing back in your mailbox with a note to return the big book to sender! ha ha ha !!

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I also stopped them as others mentioned, and then without me requesting or ordering, they came again this year a few weeks ago. So while unsubscribing sounds like the answer, apparently something in their system ignores the request for some anyway.

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I got mine today....they actually made the mailbox droop! Off to the recycle bin they go! While a small catalog might be fun to flip through, don't they realize that most people just go online to shop they really think folks are going to pour over these tomes?! what a waste of money and trees!

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I haven't received mine yet, but I'm sure it will show up soon. The RH store closest to our home (45 minutes away) recently closed when a 4 story store opened in downtown Boston. We were in the area last Sunday so stopped in. I was so disappointed. Three floors were filled with sofas, mirrors and tables that wouldn't fit through the door of a normal home, certainly not mine. No display of bath fixtures, no hardware or lighting displays, no linens to touch, no paint chips. So disappointing.

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Thanks for the reminder, trailrunner, I WILL go unsubscribe right now.

I used to love RH. We have one at our local mall and for the past few years, I have found less and less to like. Tonight, I was shocked to see that it was gone, replaced by a toy store. I'll miss it.

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I used to unsubscribe from RH and several other vendors whose materials I no longer want to receive. It worked and the catalog mailings haven't resumed.

I do have some RH accessories in my house and used to enjoy browsing the store, but the company's defiant disregard for the environment makes me sick.

Here is a link that might be useful: catalog choice website

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Another vote for Works very well for me as a way to unsubscribe to catalogues; doesn't appear to be a gimmick of its own, either. Painless to use. Don't know who's behind it, but I appreciate the service.

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Thanks trailrunner for the link and directions. I just unsubscribed. I actually tried to look at their giant "source book" to give it a try before recycling. It was just too big and heavy with such thin delicate paper that it was unmanageable to even read. I flipped through the "small spaces" without excitement thinking the dimensions of their "small spaces" are really more like normal homes than any of the small apartments I've ever lived in.

Thanks lazydaisynot and shadygrove for the suggestion of catalog choice. I've heard of it before and forgot about it. I'm going to look into it now. I've recently started to receive more and more unwanted catalogs.

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I wish there were a like button for gw postsâ¦

I do like a lot of RH stuff⦠but find them pretentious. The sheer bulk of the catalogs makes me not want to buy anything from them.

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We got TWO, count 'em, two identical sets of RH catalogs. That's 13 pounds of paper! A surefire sign of stupidity and imminent bankruptcy. There's a process called "householding" that intelligent mailers follow to make sure each house gets only one copy of a catalog. RH apparently doesn't know about it.

I also stopped in the Boston "studio." It's in a gorgeous old building that was once a natural history museum and most recently was a very high end clothing store. They dropped a fortune updating it, including the antique elevator that held up their inspection signoff for a couple of months. It's a soaring space full of chandeliers--and it's absolutely ridiculous.

The space inside feels like a tomb with all the pale linen, rusty metal, huge couches and washed-out wood. And it's dark, despite gigantic windows. I didn't even bother with the long elevator wait or even longer staircase to the third floor--I only looked at the first two floors, which was enough because everything they sell looks identical.

There is absolutely NOTHING to buy in that store. Multiple rooms, tons of huge heavy furniture and mirrors, but nothing to purchase. No sheets, towels, drapes, bathroom or kitchen hardware, gadgets, small accessories, throws, lighting other than Versailles-sized chandeliers--nothing that used to be in their other store.

I saw a few obviously very wealthy people being fawned over by multiple sales staff, but no one actually purchasing anything. I don't even remember seeing a checkout.

I wonder what will be in that building by next year.

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If you have an iPhone, Android or Window's phone there's an App for that! It's called PaperKarma. You take a picture of the junk mail and they get you removed from the list.

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I haven't received the mail-outs (thank goodness) but did get an email with their online versions. I ended up going through (what seemed liked) 1K pages.

The only thing I saw and liked was the natural bone and natural horn flatware.

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I stopped glancing at the RH catalog a long time ago and just trash it.

I do a ton of online shopping so I get catalogs in the mail I do like, especially from stores I've never heard of. I like looking at them.

My mailman told me that these catalogs is the main thing keeping post offices open. I live in a rural area so it's really important. I apologized to him one day when all of the mail was full of catalogs right before Christmas, and he said these catalogs are what keeps him employed. I didn't know that because I always thought the P.O. hated them!

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I bought a big honkin' leather sofa from RH two years ago. The sale price was good, we had the FR space, and my family was about to launch a coup d'etat to oust me & my stronghold over the FR sofa wars (they *hated* the previous sofa; I liked its practicality; better that I grab the on sale RH sofa before the guys buy one on their own!).

The guys like the RH oversized sofa, but I have to say the build quality isn't great. If it lasts 10 years, I'll be surprised.

I too was struck by the wastefulness of the catalogs ( I could have used them for a sofa!) & didn't bother to unwrap the catalogs before tossing them out.

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So hilarious. I got that giant bundle of catalogs which happened to come just as I was in ruthless decluttering mode, as we're about to put our house on the market. I cursed the catalogs and threw them in my recycling bin immediately.

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While I found the big catalogue too overwhelming and dark to really look I the only one enchanted by the vignettes in the Baby and Child catalogue? The colors are so soothing, and fabrics look so soft....I just love those rooms! Of course, I AM a mom, so perhaps it is the idealized "pristineness" of the spaces that appeal to me...nary a Fathead, brightly colored plastic toy, nor pictures of ponies taped to the wall to be seen in these rooms. Sigh... :)

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I also received them. Just too overwhelming and in the recycle bin they went. I will unsubscribe.

The other very annoying thing about RH is their gift cards cannot be used on line! Hello? Why in this day and age would they not let you use the gift cards on line???

I like their bath towels and bath mats. Needed new bath mats. Had a gift card but it could not be used on line. The store near me closed recently, so I had to travel an hour to the nearest one to get the bath mats.

I will be redecorating my master bedroom in the next few months (hopefully). I am looking at the RH duvet covers. My current duvet cover is from RH and probably about 15 years old. It's still in perfect condition. I'm just tired of it. I'm hoping the quality of the current stuff is as good, but it's probably not.

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Marcolo, are they in the old Louis building in the Back Bay?

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nini804, might I ask what a Fathead is? (I'm not a parent....)

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I'm not nini, but I am a mom of a 12 year old boy, so I can answer.

Fatheads are life size pictures (usually of sports figures) that stick (cling) to the wall. You can also have them made with your own picture. See link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fathead

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Thanks, Jill! :) My ds has two, an enormous Chris Paul (vintage from his days as a Hornet) and a massive one of Sanford Stadium at UGA. His room is pretty much the anti-RH look. You can see why I am drawn to the Baby and Child catalogue!

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Restoration Hardware tries so hard and yet is so mind-numbingly boring in almost all respects. I do like a lot of their hardware and some of their linens, but other than that, it leaves me cold. My friend and I joke that a good prison sentence would be life in a RH living room. The fact that most people view their catalogs in the same category as an unwanted phone book really says it all.

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Yes, the old Louis building. The chandeliers look amazing from the outside, since there are like 300 of them. They did a great job with the building itself.

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"There's a process called "householding" that intelligent mailers follow to make sure each house gets only one copy of a catalog."

They seem to be failing at their demographics too, by even sending out one.

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This was the first time that I've actually kept any of the RH catalogs. Some of them I ditched right away w/o even flipping through them. I kept the Small Spaces catalog because it isn't so dark and I kept the Tableware catalog because of the colors. I may buy some of the table linens. I really liked the Grand Brassiere Entertaining Collection and the Vintage Hotel Silver Collection.

I will say that I liked having separate catalogs for Tableware and 'Objects of Curiousity' (Peterman's voice was in my head as I read " These genuine millstone artifacts spent their years grinding corn...." pretentious). Sometimes I just want to see what's available and not have to scan a whole page trying to figure out what accessories are for sale, which ones aren't and then try to find the price somewhere. Never fails I always want what's not for sale Lol!

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"The space inside feels like a tomb with all the pale linen, rusty metal, huge couches and washed-out wood."

I LOVE that aged-in-place look! In fact, I love it so much that just the other day, I put our kitchen chairs and the living room floor lamp outside to "weather." We've already had a nice rain this morning, too! I'm very excited by my do-it-yourself RH project, and my new plan is to remove the door to the sunroom and the ones to the patio so that I can get our sofa outside, too. Do you think this would work with my computer? What about the vacuum cleaner? It's green-blue. Too gaudy, don't you think? Not to mention, some of the art has frames with colors in them. The art itself: so colorful. Blech. Must weatther it all, now!

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