Jennifer in VA - Let us know if you are okay

polardreamsJuly 24, 2014

Jennifer - you mentioned your were going camping leaving on Wednesday (yesterday). Please let us know as soon as you get back if you are okay with that horrible storm that went through the Cape Charles, VA campground. I am praying you and your family are all okay.


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I heard from Jen this morning. They were further inland from The Bay and not as near that other campground as we feared. They had bad weather but are all OK.


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We are home and fine. Tired, worn out, sore (from walking) and wet, but home.

We were in the Roanoke, VA area off I81 at Natural Bridge, so not near the tornado/campground issue. However, we did have terrible rains Wed. night which caused my tent to flood. Then as we were adding additional tarps on Thursday afternoon, more torrential rains with winds. Spent time under the awning keeping it from flooding.

Saturday was lovely, but lightening was seen around 10pm. I checked weather, but it said only 10% chance of rain for Sat night/Sun. so I went ahead and removed the extra tarp (for more air, and pre-packing to go home Sun.) WRONG MOVE! around 3am had a horrible storm come through. Took out one of the awnings we had up, and flooded the tent again! While taking refuge, I was able to check radar and turns out there was a Severe Weather Alert for the area...and no immediate end to the rain. So the little girls & I moved to the truck, I packed up the remaining things in the tent to keep them dry (big kids were in their own tent that didn't leak).

Packing up this morning was NOT fun! Everything was wet & muddy, and it was still raining. We will definitely have stories to tell about this trip! But we are home now, getting all cleaned up, and waiting until tomorrow to figure out how to dry everything out.

Thanks for worrying about us! You're the best!

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Jen - I am so glad you are okay! Camping in rainy weather is no fun ... but I am glad you only had rain and leaky tents, and no tornado!

Take a hot bath and a glass of wine!


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Glad you are ok and hope it was fun.


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Sounds like one of those trips ya'll will be talking about for a long time!
Glad you are all fine and safe.

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Camping in the rain is just the worst. Sorry, Jen, that your trip was so eventful. Glad you're home safe and sound, albeit a bit soggy.

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Glad to hear that you are safe. Weather can be quite a monster.

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Glad you're all ok, Jennifer.

I stand my ground of camping at a hotel/motel with my sewing machine close by. :-)


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We used to do a lot of camping when my kids were young. Sounds like typical camping weather to me. ;) Nothing like a good tarp.

We never had to deal with tornados, tho. Or the threat of one. I'm not sure how I would have felt about that. Glad to hear you were not in that area. And I hope you got a couple of nice sunny days after you got home so your tent could dry out.


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