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jajanNovember 9, 2009

Recently, my special friend went to the doctor; the doctor told him he was about to have congestive heart failure, and next week he will do more tests. He told me that he has to be on a no sugar/no salt diet for high blood pressure control. I understand just not to put in the items when cooking, and not to buy prepackaged foods, and not to go out to dinner for awhile. Is there recipes for this kind of diet? For example, bread.

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There are several sources online with loads of information & recipes. Also, there are several online shopping sources for low sodium foods. I've been cooking super low sodium for the last four years, ever since my husband was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. A low sodium diet is really challenging but it's also an adventure, seeing just how creative you can be in delivering tasty, low salt meals.

I've also been writing a blog about my low sodium cooking adventures. If you follow the link below, you will find a list on the right hand side of the page with links to three really informative sites. I especially recommend "Low Sodium Cooking" and "Megaheart." Both sites offer lots of information, tips, sources, and recipes. Also you can sign up for the monthly newsletters that include even more recipes & info. And the authors of both those sites have written low salt cookbooks that are available for purchase either from their websites or Amazon.

In addition, I've got another list of places where you can purchase low salt products online. Again, I heartily recommend Healthy Heart Market, Heartwise, and Saltwatcher. I've ordered many, many products from these three vendors and have found some great products.

You specifically mentioned bread. Making low sodium yeast bread is easy. Just remember that salt moderates the yeast activity, keeps it in check. So, if you lessen the quantity of salt in a recipe, you should equally lessen the amount of yeast. For example, if a recipe calls for 2 tsp salt and 2-1/2 tsp yeast, you could decrease the salt by one teaspoon and also decrease the yeast by one teaspoon. Because the salt amount is lowered, you want to carefully watch your dough during rising so that it doesn't over-proof.

You have to be careful about using yeast bread recipes with no salt whatsoever. I've seen, even on some low salt websites, recipes with the exact same amount of yeast as regular salted doughs. If you want to read further about the effects of salt in yeast dough baking, please refer to the blog entry listed below. I reference two interesting discussion from "Cooking for Engineers" and the "Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day."

I know I've rattled on, but this is a subject that I'm pretty passionate about. Good luck. And, if I can be of any help, please feel free to contact me either through this forum or my blog.


Here is a link that might be useful: Please DON'T Pass the Salt!

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Glad to have found your posts, will be checking your blog, thank you Sue.
I've had a stroke in May 08 and it was a sugar that caused my HBP, as I have used very little salt for years.
It's good for everyone to limit sea/kosher salt, sugar and fat intake.

Gradually reduce the amount of salt, for one, you'll soon get adjusted to the taste and then wonder why in the world did you need so much of it? Reduce the amount of bread, especially white bread.
Make it with herbs and seasonings instead of salt.
Garlic, onion, lemon, vinegar...some of the things I use for flavorings often. Roast turkey, for example, without any salt! Use lots of garlic, herbs and lemon.
Much more to share what I've been learning and looking forward to learn much more,sleepy now.

well wishes,

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Thank you for answering my blog, Sue and Bea. I will do this.

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Bea, I agree with you that roast turkey without salt can be quite delicious. It just depends on the other seasonings you use. I've found that roast turkey, chicken, beef, & pork along with simple steaks & chops all taste great without the addition of salt. There's something about that crispy exterior that you get from roasting or grilling. Just a little seasoning from herbs & spices, and you've got tasty meals.

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Ezekiel bread has a low sodium variety that has NO sodium in it, and it's tasty! This is usually located in the freezer section by the organic food.

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