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mariwmJuly 10, 2010

We've had our home on the market for a little over 3 weeks. I've only had 2 showings. The reviews were both positive. Also we had a realtor tour. All of the realtors liked our home very much. I am concerned that we haven't had more showings. I would really appreciate if we could get some feedback about our pictures, etc. There are several websites that are listing our home, but I like this one the best, even though there are a couple of duplicate photos. Thank you in advance.


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I was unable to respond again to my previous post. I have included a link to my home. As I said before, the home has been on the market about 3 weeks and we've only had 2 showings. I am wondering if the price is too high. Our realtor says we are priced below 2 other homes that are on the market in our neighborhood. She also told us 2 homes that recently sold in our neighborhood had higher price per square foot. I also wonder if we need to change paint colors or stage the rooms differently. Thank you for your advice.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I'm guessing some of the problem may be weather related and some is due to it being peak vacation time.

The temps on the east coast have been not only high but uncomfortably so. Most folks want to sit inside in the AC they don't want to go house hunting during a heat wave.

It's also now JULY, prime vacation time for many.Those that need to be in a new house by Sept. have already done their shopping earlier in the season and are waiting for closings.

The house shows nicely only thing that bugged me was all that green in the kitchen area it's a little too much green for my taste.

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I don't know whether you need to repaint or not because of the 18 photos, 8 of them are of the outside of the house. The inside shots are not high quality; they are poorly posed and some stretched by a wideangle lens. The house looks a tiny bit dated with the gathered valances and border in the bathroom, but nothing there is enough to scare off buyers. It comes across as clean and uncluttered and that is the most important thing. It is either the price or the weather or the days-on-market in your area.

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I think your house looks good. The order of the pictures is odd, it jumps from inside to outside back to inside. It would be good to start with one outside picture, then go to the inside ones, then end with more outside ones. Or do all outside, then all inside.

You might drop the one picture of the bedroom with the single bed, it seems very small and crowded and isn't really adding anything.

The bathroom picture, is it the master bath or a hall bath? If it's not the master it would be good to include a picture of that. If you can retake the picture pull back the shower curtain and put a fluffy towel or two on the empty towel rack.

Are your kitchen cabinets green or is that just how the light hits them? That green counter might be turning some people off, you could ask your realtor about that.

But overall, it looks clean and inviting. The outside is beautiful.

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I looked up your house on Zillow. I don't know how accurate Zillow is in your area but it puts your house value at $264,000.

Looking at homes that have sold and that are for sale in your area; except for one that is quite a bit more your is the most expensive. The one more expensive that I found is offered for $700,000 and I couldn't find the other one you mentioned.

The ones that show up that have sold recently are also less expensive even if the price per square feet might be higher.

Could it be the price? For the price you are asking in South Carolina people expect a lot.

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Carol and Graywings, I greatly appreciate your responses to my post. Carol, the kitchen has been green from the time the home was built. As you can see, green is my favorite color. Also, the living room, breakfast and hall are the same color and it's all open. I wanted it to match. I did not order those counter tops, but, by the time they were installed, I was too tired to argue and everyone said they were fine. What color would you paint my kitchen and would I need to change the colors everywhere or just in there? Graywings, I agree that there are too many photos of the outside of my home. The realtor told us that the location will sell our home and this is the reason. What do you mean that the inside photos are poorly posed? I am going to get my husband who is a crime scene investigator to use his camera and take some new shots. My realtor has said that she will replace the ones on the websites. What would I replace the valances with, just long drapes or what? I am not the best decorator. I agree that the weather may well be affecting the number of showings. We've had temps 95+ for weeks, which is unusual for South Carolina. We were late getting our home on the market. I had a kidney transplant and in March had to have my native kidneys removed. This has been a difficult time, but we're hoping to sell our home soon. Thank you again for your help.


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1 - Remove the duck photo.

2 - minimize glare by shooting rooms after the sun is not hitting the windows. (photo 4, for example, and the kitchen shot)

3 - Reshoot the kitchen photo so the counter is not tilted

4 - re-do the order of the photos ... ONE exterior shot of front to localize the viewer, entry, kitchen, LR, DR ... then bedrooms. Make it work like a real walk-through. If a bathroom is off of a bedroom, put it's photos right after the bedroom.

5 - If you can label the photos by room name, do it.

It's disconcerting to bounce in and out of the house from lawn to bedroom and back to a bathroom.

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If your husband is going to retake the pictures have him take many pictures of each room. Sometimes what looks fine in person doesn't look good in a picture.

For example take picture 13 which is your family room. On the right side is the edge of a chair, that needs to be removed. Also, those two chairs are blocking the view into the room and the view of the fireplace. They also make the room look smaller. Try removing one or both if just for the picture and see if the room looks better.

It looks like you have a tv over the fireplace, try opening one of the doors to show it. Just take a number of pictures different ways and then you can look them over and decide which is the best.

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Crime scene photographer??? Well, the pics certainly will be clear - LOL. Take a look at all the photos and note what you first see - in photos 4 and 13, I see sides and edges of furniture (and 13 looks like the photographer was sitting on the floor). In the bathroom photo, my eye is drawn to the shower curtain. Figure out what the best, inviting photo of the front of the house is. It may be one of the two there, but I would try to take a few that don't have flowers in the foreground and opt for a larger view of the house.

No, don't go out and buy drapes; they will make no difference in selling the house. There is nothing wrong with your drapes.

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Looks good to me, but as some of the posters said, put them in a better order.--outside----inside --end with one outside. As green is not my favorite color, that would turn me off--but that is just me!. If you start painting, it could throw the whole house off balance. Maybe a few less outside, etc.
good luck

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Actually, it is best for the first 5 pictures on a listing to be those that best represent the inside and outside of the house because those are the pictures that will appear on, unless your agent is paying for enhanced listings.

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When I put my last house on the market, I would have been thrilled with two showing in the first two weeks. Is that unusually slow for your area?

I ran some real quick demographics on the web for your area and came up with some interesting data. I always suspicion the accuracy of web information, but for the site I was using, the average home price is around 160K and the median price around 225K. The inventory of homes for sale is listed at close to 1,300K and that's a large number for a community of around 26K people and a sizable amount of competition. Over 200 of them are listed as foreclosures. The up side is the home values seem to be holding pretty darned steady.

The listings I found on one site were all for homes in the mid 200K range. So, I think you'd call your home on the upper end of the spectrum.

You have a lovely home, with more a more traditional decorating theme, and I don't find it at all off-putting. It's obviously well cared-for and comfortable and does have a lovely setting.

I would not have an issue with the white appliances or lack of the almost obligatory granite counters or what appears to be standard bath fixtures. But, perhaps those with higher than median budgets might. It will make a family a wonderful home, and best of luck in your sale.

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Your house is very pretty and I actually like your paint colors. The one negative is the bathroom photo. Show the shower/tub. Pull back the curtain, dress it up somehow.

Reading the description states you are on less than an acre and abut a picnic area? Could that be a turn-off?

Good luck,

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Kitchens sell homes.

There appears to be only one kitchen photo and it shows only a small part of the room. If the cabinets are actually light green, paint them white, as light green cabs are way too taste specific.

I would also suggest removing the the wood railing on the cabinets as well as the faux greenery, as that look is dated. You can replace with some inexpensive decorative plates, and a vase or two (all incorporated the rooms color scheme) spaced out along the length.

Also, the green walls against the green countertop is a bit too much green...

A quick fix is to paint the kitchen a nice neutral taupe that picks up the same color that in in the floor tile.
In addition, replace the small area rugs with those that are longer, with a more contemporary non-floral pattern, incorporating the taupe, white and a bit of green.

It also seems as if the kitchen may have fluorescent lighting...great for overall tasks, but dated and unflattering. If so, change out the fixture to a nice neutral up to date incandescent fixture. Many can be found at any big box store for a very reasonable cost.

Then, photograph the kitchen again from a number of angles, to see which shows the updated kitchen to the best advantage.

Best wishes. :-)

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The first things that popped into my head were adore the crape myrtles, the kitchen lighting is dreadful and I'm sorry the photographer has to crawl everywhere.

Even if you can't easily replace the kitchen fluorescent fixture with something else, if it's in any way possible, retake the picture with enough lighting so that it doesn't have to be on. Fluorescent lighting often gives me headaches and it's so obvious in the picture that I didn't even notice any other kitchen details.

The doubles of already bad photos (like 15 and 17) and the odd half of the front (11) should be removed. See if a better one of the entire front could be taken. The first one is at such an odd angle that combined with the other odd angle ones, none of them help sell the house.

I wouldn't repaint or change any of the window coverings.

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Thank you for all of your wonderful insights. Some I didn't want to hear, but I asked for it and I greatly appreciate every one of them. I have always loved reading other people's posts and the inspired solutions members have suggested. I have learned so much from these forums. No matter what my problem is, this is the first place I come for answers. Ok, first, my countertops are white, not green. They may be reflecting that color , but they aren't. I am going to talk to my realtor about changing the order of my pictures. It makes perfect sense that the viewer would be irritated by having to look at inside, then outside, then inside....My husband is taking new pics tonight. I have written down all of your suggestions regarding posing rooms, better pic of front of home, etc. I will use all of this information to redo shots. I will also add additional room pics inside my home. As to the description, we are right next to a duck pond and covered shelter which is community property for homeowners. It's a nice place to have a party, which is why it's included. I am also considering painting the kitchen taupe. I just have to figure out where to stop it because it's all open. I don't want to paint the entire living area that color. It's just too much taupe for me. LOL Thank you again for your feedback. It is absolutely invaluable to me and I think, will definitely help me get my house sold. I'll be back with my new pics.

God bless all of you.

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Don't paint the kitchen taupe. No matter what color the kitchen is, someone won't like it, and lots of people don't like taupe. Besides, taupe is a real tricky color to work with even for color experts. There are undertones that may not appear until you have it up on the wall, such as pink or mauve or yellow or gray. Depending on the color you pick and how it plays in your room, you could end up with an undertone that you don't like.

If you are itching to do something, I would remove the border from the bathroom. But neither that nor changing the color of the kitchen are going to sell your house.

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graywings: "Don't paint the kitchen taupe. No matter what color the kitchen is, someone won't like it, and lots of people don't like taupe. Besides, taupe is a real tricky color to work with even for color experts."

All colors are every color has an undertone of its own...even the countless shades of white.

That said, this isn't about what colors "people like"... lots of people don't like green either.

It's about giving the kitchen a more appealing, up to date and cohesive appearance. I think if the OP gets some paint samples to compare against the taupe/beige color that is in the floor tile, picking up that color in the kitchen will make the green countertop much more attractive to the eye, and showcase the cabinets as well.

Once again kitchens sell homes, and this one needs color correction.

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You said in your last post that your countertops are white, not green. Did you mean your cabinets because your countertops are quite green in the picture. Your cabinets look slightly green so if they are really white you need a new picture that shows that better.

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Yes, my cabinets are white, not my countertops. I don't know why I wrote that. I will get better picture. Thank you.

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