Less expensive chinoiserie wallpaper?

meg711May 3, 2009

I've finally identified the wallpaper that I am envisioning for our dining room and, unfortunately, it comes with a hefty price tag. It's either de Gournay or Gracie handpainted chioiserie wallpaper (or silk), and it's about $600 for a three-foot-wide panel.

I also found a blog that features Griffin and Wong handpainted wallpaper that's less expensive, but still a lot: about $400 per each three-foot panel.

There must be a company out there that makes a wall covering with a similar look but I haven't found it yet. Anyone know of a good source for a choiserie wallpaper? IT doesn't need to be silk or handpainted. I'm loving the peonies, branches, birds and butterflies themes, not the papers with people or cities, etc. Thanks for any help!

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A good paint/wallpaper store with an in-house, degree or at least certified designer would probably be your best bet.

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I don't know how much any of them would be what you want, but Thibaut has a number of chinoiserie patterns. (Not hand-painted and not on silk, though.)

Here is a link that might be useful: thibaut

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Why not just learn to paint what you want? That way the talent will be in you and you can always do it.

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Thibaut has nice wallpapers that are very reasonable, some in chinoiserie patterns. Shumacher has chinoiserie toile patterns that do not have the handpainted panel look that you are seeing in the higher end product, but they look good and are VERY affordable.

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Thanks for the recommendations. I guess I'm off to a wallpaper store.

Oceanna, I wish that I could paint what I want but I'm afraid my efforts would look more like a kindergartener's artwork than the look I'm after. I've linked below to the blog that I had found in case anyone is interested.

Thanks again!

Here is a link that might be useful: Maison 21 link to Griffin and Wong

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I had paper very similar to some of those back in the 1980s; the one in my DR was Shumacher, the one in the guest room and guest bath was Waverly. So I am sure from one of those companies you could find something very pretty. With technology what it is, papers will be even more realistic than they were then.

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I have an all over chinoiserie wallpaper similar in my dining room and it is from the early 80's. I don't know who made it, it is a fabric backed solid vinyl with a slight woven texture. It still looks new. It was very expensive at the time. I think it is just a timeless look.
Anyway I am sure a good shop will have something similar- not everyone can pay that much for wallpaper.And no one gets that close to mine to mine to check it out!

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York also has a few wallpapers like those.

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You may choose NSR HANDCRAFTS http://www.worldsilkroad.com or http://www.chinese-wallpaper.com

NSR HANDCRAFTS is a factory established in 1978 specializing in traditional hand-painted Chinoiserie wallpaper and handmade home decor that are common used in hotel and luxury interior decoration.

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That Griffin and Wong stuff is gorgeous! My husband does not like you much at all for sending me over there because now I need 2 panels for our bedroom!

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