RECIPE: Cranberry/Orange/Apple Relish

annova914November 10, 2008

This is another favorite cranberry recipe - uncooked relish which is made the day before it's needed (love make-ahead dishes!)

Cranberry/Orange/Apple Relish

18 oz fresh cranberries (1 bag and a half)

1-1/2 whole seedless oranges, including rind

1/2 sweet apple (like a Macintosh)

1 cup sugar

Cut up orange and apple and place in food processor with cranberries and sugar and process only so that it's of relish consistency (not pureed). Do in batches so that processor can properly handle contents. Place in bowl, cover with saran and place in refrigerator overnight (so that flavors blend and the fruits "juice"). Add more sugar if desired.

To cut down recipe: use 12 oz cranberries, 1 whole orange, 1/2 apple and 2/3 cup of sugar or to taste.


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The recipe I make calls for one lemon and no apple-my Aunt used to make this and I make it every year even though I am the only one that likes cranberries.

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My family made a similar one using more apples and would always add a cherry gelatin to "set" the dish. We always garnished with pecans. Can't get enough of the stuff now.
There are never leftovers.

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does anyone know if this could be canned? i would think so because it has a lot of acid, so if i try to can it, should i use the timing for cranberries? sorry if this is a stupid question, but i'm really new to canning and have been waiting for cranberries to come into season and then go on sale (i'm cheap too, grin).

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I don't think I'd want to can this recipe as the main appeal of it is that it's "fresh". Last fall, as soon as I began to see the bags of cranberries in the supermarkets, I began to stock up on them. I'm not sure how many bags I put in the freezer but two weeks ago I pulled out one bag and made Cranberry Apple Crisp and still had 4 or 5 bags left in the freezer. Throughout the year, whenever I wanted some cranberry sauce or cranberry apple crisp, it was great to be able to open the freezer and pull out a bag. After Christmas it seems those bags of cranberries are gone so stock up on them now :)

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