?--position of faucet handle..over sink or not and why

wallycatApril 11, 2012

I am about to start the faucet search and looking at lots of posts here, I notice some faucets have the handle in, toward the bowl, while others have it (like my current one), over the edge of the sink/counter.

I am finding that since my wall/window and sink area are very narrow, I splash a lot and have to wipe, wipe, wipe behind the sink.

If you have the handle in towards the bowl, do you like it?

Did you have to order a special faucet or can any faucet just be turned with the handle where you want it.

Hope this is not too silly a question!

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The main reason that the sink handles are placed more towards the bowl has to do with the limited amount of space available between the sink and the backsplash. Sinks and faucets have gotten larger, but the real estate available for them to occupy has not. And that's why you see a lot of sinks bumpouts. It's a functional feature as well as a decorative one. It allows you to have room for your faucet handle to be any direction you want without hitting the backsplash.

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A single-control faucet can be installed in any position. I have used a Fluid in this orientation and it works great for me. However, you should take caution when choosing a specific maker/model because in some cases it will be awkward.

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Can you recommend the interchangeable positioned faucets?

Am I thinking about this too much and should just not worry where the handle is positioned??

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My previous kitchen had a Grohe K4 with the handle toward the sink. I really liked having my hands drip *inside* the sink or adjusting the temp/flow without dripping on the counter.

I currently have a one-handle faucet but again the handle is over the sink (in the little garbage disposal sink) and I still love no drips on the counter.


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So can any single handle faucet be mounted such that the handle faces towards the inside of the sink?? or are there only select models that can be mounted like that?
Thank you all who are replying.

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I think Infinity78 is right" single lever faucets can be installed with the handle facing inward. But practically, not all would work well that way.

I asked our plumber about doing that and he said ours could. The best part is that doing so would align the cold (blue) and hot (red) markers on our KWC faucet with the actual water temps. Right now the faucet is installed with the handle on the right, so that pushing the handle back is for hot water; bringing the handle forward is for cold. BUT, the blue dot is on the back side and the red dot is in front. When we get the plumber to switch it, the dot colors and water temps will match up.

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Interesting. I'd love to hear more feedback on this topic. DH is left handed, and I'm right handed. Simply because of our difference in handedness I've considered doing a center mount. The faucet we're looking at clearly states that the lever can be mounted left, right, or center. Would love to know of there are any disadvantages to a center mount.

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Center mount is closer to your hand.

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I am still looking for specific models or brands.
I googled "center mount" and got zilch. I will keep trying.
I had never considered this mount but after constantly wiping and wiping behind my sink, it may prove to be a great thing. My DH is also left-handed and I, right.

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Waterstone PLP 5400 can be mounted right/left or center. Haven't decided which way to go as of yet but space might dictate center mount.

Picture of faucet (no sink yet) plus the soap dispenser

PS Made in USA, solid brass construction including the pull down head. Latches on spray mode. It is heavy!!!!

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I really think that most of the one-handle ones can be mounted either way. For specificity, however, I just bought a Whitehaus Metrohaus and it can be mounted with handle in any position.

Casey (sombreuil_mongrel), a venerable GWer, has mounted his faucet in the manner you propose.
See this thread, which has his and others:

Here is a link that might be useful: Whitehaus Metrohaus at Vintage Tub

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thank you SOOOOOOOOOOO much for the link.
Appreciate the feedback.

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Does it not get dirtier on the inside? More water spots certainly, but also food particles and so on?

This is pretty interesting to me, as we do have very limited space between the sink and the backsplash.

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I have my faucet positioned this way, and love it. It gets no dirtier than the old faucet, but is certainly easier to reach, clean, and it reduces drips all over the back edge and counter.

I ogled a Franke faucet I thought would be especially good for positioning this way, but decided it was too spendy for me at this time.

Here is a link that might be useful: Franke fauceet

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Our Moen Brantford handle can orient in any direction. We had it mounted to the front so that we could turn it on with either hand, or with either wrist if needed. The handle has a pretty wide swing so mounting it to the side wouldn't have worked with our old sink and thick backsplash anyway. That won't be a problem with the new sink/backsplash (I think) but I plan to keep the handle turned forward anyway because I like it that way. It's also intuitive because right is cold and left is hot; that makes more sense to me than back for cold and forward for hot.

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Originally, I planned my Hansgrohe to be placed with lever on the side. But, as previously mentioned, I ran into a space issue at my cleanup sink between back of sink and wall behind so I had to put it face forward. My prep sink install took an extra couple of weeks so I became used to this position and saw the benefits. The counter next to/behind the faucet rarely got wet. No constant wiping! Plus, it's a shorter reach than if it was positioned sideways.

When the prep faucet went in I installed it the same way for my preference and for continuity.

It took me about a day to get used to the positioning. No trouble really.

I asked the plumber if the faucet markings indicating water temp now being opposite because of the mounting direction would be a code issue at inspection. He said as long as when you turn the facuet handle left you get hot water and turn right for cold, there was no issue. He routinely runs into this situation. I don't see this as a problem at all. After all, hot is always left and cold is always right, correct?

I believe that many, though not all, facuets can be installed front facing. I suggest you narrow down the list of faucets you like for other reasons (style, price, finish, quality, etc), then search the install specs for each. Faucetdirect dot com is an easy plumbing fixture website to navigate with their sorting features in the left column. I used this site extensively during whole house reno research. If you can't find the info you need on the fixture's specific page, you can post a question in the little box at the bottom of the page and someone will answer within a day. No affiliation--just a handy site!

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I like mine way better in towards the bowl. Had to trade the hot/cold lines so hot was to the left and cold was to the right. It was set up for cold to be forward and hot to be back.


And after we switched it.

I didn't like having to reach so far back to get the water on hot. With it in front, going left/right for hot/cold seems much more natural to me.

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Macy is that a Waterstone?

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no, it's a Price Pfister. I had already bought one faucet with a side spray before we went to this sink and DH refused to attempt cutting more holes. It was either find a pull down faucet, or do without a spayer.

I love the pull down sprayer, and I love having the handle in the front. I don't squish my fingers between the handle and the wall anymore. I habitually grabbed the top of the handle, pushed back and either got my fingers pinched, or rapped my knuckles into the wall. Made a mess on the wall, as my hand was usually wet or soapy.

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Thanks Macy!
WS has a similar one but couldn't tell from the picture.
This post has convinced me to put the handle in the front.
T-2 weeks to a sink and faucet!

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I recently installed the Hansgrohe Talis C and the handle is on the side and CANNOT be mounted in the front. I love this faucet because the handle pulls forward toward you, and does not go back toward the backsplash (rotates 90 degrees only)... therefore fits in a tight space.

My friend installed a Kohler Vinnata (gorgeous) mounted with the handle in front, but she tells me that at least once a week she turns on the water and gets her arm all wet.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hansgrohe Talis C

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We may be looking at having to mount ours this way because of space issues with a low window and the window sill. The builder and cabinet man actually asked me if I'd be willing to change from a single bowl sink so it could be mounted on the smaller side and offset a little. Absolutely not!

So the plumbing showroom person who's been helping me took a snapshot of what the faucet would look like with the handle mounted in the front so I could see it:

I couldn't picture it mounted this way but feel much more comfortable now having seen it if we do have to go this route.

minty19, I've wondered that...about getting my hands wet. But I also like the bonus of not getting the side all wet too.

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I realize this is an old post but my faucet is being installed tomorrow and I have a question about this topic.

I purchased the Moen Brantford. In the "off" position the handle is almost straight up and down but slightly back. If mounted with the handle on the side, both hot and cold would be a forward motion of the handle - hot would just be farther forward than cold. Therefore if I orient the handle in the center over the sink, both hot and cold would be a leftward motion ... again with the hot farther(est) left.

Does that make sense or do I have a funky faucet?

(Having said that, I am considering mounting the handle in the center over the sink mainly because I am short and have short arms so it would save me from reaching so far for the handle - at least by a couple inches.)

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I understand exactly what you mean. I just bought a Moen Arbor 7294SRS which hasn't been installed yet, and it operates the same way. I was thinking of mounting the handle in the front, as the sink I want has a right rear drain. I was hoping someone with that type of drain could respond.

I was also wondering if the plumber could re-calibrate it so it went right or left. I'm going to call Moen to find out. The only other Moen I like is the Kinzel at Lowes with the top handle.

Here is a link that might be useful: Moen Arbor 7294SRS

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I know this is a few months old, but cubby325 did you end up mounting your Moen Arbor with the handle in front?


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