Please critique: FSBO listing for our house

finz2leftJuly 19, 2009

Hi all,

Bring on the HARSH critique: I won't be offended or fight back :-). We are selling FSBO and have set up this blogspot addy for pics. We will put the ad on Craigslist and our local newspaper and lots of word of mouth. FIRE AWAY!

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Wow I think your home is beautiful and the photos and description are great. Light and spacious. I only saw one typo - "Mater" bedroom instead of "Master" bedroom. I think it looks great.

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finz2left: I won't be offended or fight back

Uh huh suuuuure. We've heard that before.

Ok, your living room looks odd to me. It is empty, so empty it. Take off down nick knacks and pictures to completely depersonalize it. Does the fireplace work? If so, get rid of the blue candles. If not, either choose the candles or the logs (and I'd probably choose the candles since they draw the eye).

By contrast I think your kitchen is too sterile. That may be because it is white. A flower arrangement in the corner and a rug on the floor would do wonders.

What is the point of the "game tonight" picture?

Your bathroom picture is nice ... as long as there isn't a soaking tub or spa shower that is more of a "wow" factor?

The bedroom picture doesn't help you. Your photo isn't really giving anyone a shot of the room, just two windows. Without furniture it is tricky to show the size of a bedroom.

A backyard picture might be a better choice than either the poster-picture or the bedroom picture. Maybe moving a dining room table in for a day to take a picture of your dining room? You can borrow one and send it right back after the photo shoot.

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Thank you.I'll fix the typo asap...I hadn't thought of the candles making people think the fireplace doesn't work. And, I will add flowers.

Our dining room is completely empty, so perhaps renting a table would help. I would love to have a backyard pic, but quite honestly, it might turn people's all dirt and mulch from the old playset. The lot is surrounded by trees so grass doesn't grow. We've sodded 3x and it NEVER takes. So a dining pic may be a much better idea ;-).

The "game tonight" pic was just to show the chair rail in that room. Remove still?
Please keep critiquing!

Thank you!

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Pretty house!

In the kitchen what is the thing hanging down between the cabinets over the sink? At least I think I'm seeing something there.

I agree that you should lose the game room pic. I'm not sure a red chair rail would be a selling point, but probably wouldn't be a deal breaker if someone loved the rest of the home. That room also has carpet which doesn't photograph very well. (Same with bedroom.) The colors in the game room also don't go with the rest of the pictures.

Some people don't like corner lots, so you may want to leave that out of the description.

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Personally, I would take out the dates in the pictures. For some reason that doesn't seem very professional.

I would also take out the line about a last minute relocation - it makes you seem desperate to sell.

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Awesome! We are heading back to the house tomorrow and I'll see what I can do to fix the pics and then re-edit for the dates, too. My little laptop here doesn't do all that :-). Will take out the relo line, too.

The "white thing" I'm not sure...I'll have DH look.

Again, HUGE thanks!

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Your house is pretty! Is that a small bedroom or the master? I would want to see the rest of the kitchen from the other angle. Is there an eat-in area to the kitchen? If so, show it. Show the master bath, all of it. I assume the bath shown is the hall bath, but do show another angle to include the tub. I would want to see at least one picture of each room. Where are pictures of the other bedrooms, bathroom(s), laundry room and bonus room?

What schools are your neighborhood schools?

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I would remove the "asking price" after the price. Just put the price with a $ sign in front.

I agree on the other comments about knick-knacks and do you have a garden tub/separate shower in the master bath. If so show that off instead of a vanity or is that a 2ndary bath in the pic. I think since rooms are empty a caption of what is what might help on the pics too.

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The only thing I would change is possibly the kitchen back spalash paint color. I don't feel that it goes with the tile flooring. Otherwise, it looks like a nice house.

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It's really a nice photo layout for a FSBO. The house is immaculate and looks well tended. That is appealing to me. I am confused about which bath you are showing. Does the two baths include the en suite? This must be the second bath because I don't see dual vanities. Appliances stay? Dishwasher?

Did you delete the dining room pic? It's mentioned that it has tile floors, but I don't see any tile floors other than the kitchen.

Actually I love the paint in the backsplash, it looks so fresh and crisp..... but it doesn't photograph becomingly with the tile. If you don't want to make it more neutral, maybe that kitchen area rug and a flower arrangement can pull it into more harmony.

Yes, remove some of the knick-knacks and the candles in the fireplace.

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susanjn ~

I looked at the kitchen picture and what I think you are asking about (looks like something is hanging down over the sink) is actually the side of the cabinet. It shows how deep the cabinets are.


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I think you are right. I guess I had my eyes on inside-out - one of those optical illusion things.

Sorry to confuse anyone, especially finz2left, the OP!

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