I hate it when ...

jennifer_in_vaJuly 21, 2012

... a project falls apart!

Last week I bought a pretty floral border print as a jumping off point for this baby quilt. I bought fabric from the entire line in order to pull it all together.

All along the way, I told myself I needed to plan & cut carefully since I bought this in Lancaster, PA while up for a wedding. I couldn't just run out for more if I messed up.

I planned well...only something went wrong. Tonight's goal was to get the borders on. Got them all mitred and ready, set them to pin, and 3 of the 4 are too short! UGGGHHH This really stinks!(okay, actually I really want to use a different adjective, but figured I can't here)

My tired mind thinks I'll use these wrong border cuts pieced together for a center on the back with scraps of the other fabrics to fill in. But my tired mind can't wrap around the measurements...guess it'll be tomorrow's goal, also.

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Sorry. I am sure you will think of something special when the pain disappears.

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Can you use corner squares in a different fabric instead of mitering the corners? Maybe even add a square of the other fabric in the middle of each side? That might add enough extra length so you can still use this border on the front as you intended.


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Were we in the same room? LOL . I did something similar on Saturday...put the borders on a quilt, mitre up the corners...an hour later I remembered I wasn't going to mitre the corners,but do something totally different for the border. Well, no ripping for me, it will be as is. You've got some choices ... a day's rest from it and all will be well!

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Quilt math is Hard, harder than regular math. And measure twice, cut once doesn't always work either. I am sure you will come up with a creative way to make it all work. Good luck.

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Jennifer, I was going to say the same thing Kate did. Either that or use straight borders instead of mitered.


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I agree, see if you can use corner squares, or perhaps just a contrast fabric on opposite corners.


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Kate's idea sound very workable and if it makes you feel any better, I'll bet all of us have 'been there and done that'. Usually when I fall short on a fabric, it's going to be a teensy, tiny bit......fraction of inch. Yes, it stinks.

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Ha. Knowing you (as we do), this will turn out better than planned. It will seem better in the morning, I'm sure.

Breathe... :)

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LOL, Faye. Yes, I 'breathed' and all is good. Catastrophy has been averted!

I was able to use the mitred borders on the front, add a flange instead of a sashing, and the top is complete! Victory!

Tomorrow I get fabric for the back and maybe I can get it quilted in the next day or two. Pictures to follow when complete.

Thanks for the support system! Worked like a charm!

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Isn't wonderful when mistakes turn into blessings??\

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Glad it worked out Jennifer. What's a flange?

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A flange is like piping without the cording inside. A piece of fabric folded wrong sides together and sewn into a seam with the fabric sticking out on the right side of the fabrics. (Think 3-D)

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