I need one more day!

K8OrlandoJuly 27, 2014

I had a very productive sewing weekend but I'm not ready to stop! I need one more day to work on these projects.

On Saturday I finished piecing the large lap quilt I'm making for a couple in my neighborhood; they've had a rough year with illnesses and missed most of our 'hood gatherings. I don't want them to think we don't miss them! This quilt includes the black&gold mariner's compass I just made. Here it is sandwiched but no quilting done yet.

I also sandwiched the table runner that's for my co-worker's wedding gift. I used Insul-Bright for the batting so they can use it as a large hot pad on the table. Her shower is in 2 weeks so I need to get it done! I started working on the fm quilting and I'm pretty pleased so far.

I picked up the wedding engagement quilt (for my goddaughter) from the longarmer so I cut, pressed and attached the binding. I attached the binding to the front by machine but I like to hand stitch it on the back, so that's on the list for the rest of this week. I pieced the top of this quilt at Retreat last year and was hoping to bring it back finished this year but I'll be mailing it off to the newly engaged couple as soon as it's done.

As you can see, I had lots of help when I was sewing the binding on!


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Whoa~ you were one busy K8 !! and it all looks wonderful, too...sure glad McQueen decided to help or you'd not have gotten as much done! I'd like to know more about the 'hot pad' batting??? and, did you do those 'feather' looking stitches on the table runner on your own machine???

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Looks like you've made some major headway! Great work K8.

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My first feathers! I did the quilting on the Juki.

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Beautiful Feathers, K8. I'm in awe!

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They are all beautiful, Kate! Isn't it fun trying to sew something that has a large furry paperweight on it? LOL


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You were a busy girl...and all of the projects looking great!!!
Well done... Be sure to post pics of all once complete, want to see your quilting... Looking lovely thus far.

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Love how the compass looks in the middle of that quilt! very striking!

Can you be sure to post a full picture of the engagement quilt before you send it off? I remember helping you with some layouts on that one and I'd like to see how it finally turned out.

You were definitely in the groove this weekend! Feels good, I'm sure.

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A good productive weekend! Good job!
Love the lap quilt

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Way to go, Kate!!! I love how you're able to get so much accomplished! Good work!!!


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You were so very productive! Yay Kate! Looks like you used many skills and broke up your days with a variety of tasks with wonderful results.
I don't know which one I like the most. Very nice.

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I'll post picture of everything when it's done.

Jen, I was telling DH Jim today about the process of placing all those blocks at Retreat. It was fun and the help was appreciated!

I did some more quilting on the table runner tonight; only have the border left to do.

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You do beautiful work Kate!

Best to you,

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Kate, You are amazing! Your feathers are great on the table runner - I'm sure your co-worker will be really surprised at such a lovely gift! Glad you had a friendly helper, too.


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Thank you all for the nice comments but I'm far from amazing! I've seen amazing quilters and know I'm just dipping my toes in the free motion pond. But I would like to be amazing and will continue to practice.

I'm pretty thrilled with these recent efforts though because although I've tried in the past I haven't been at all satisfied with the results. I guess I've finally learned to use the Juki and I've finally figured out how some of these fm patterns work. Big thanks to Angela Walter's books and to Leah Day's website!!! Big thanks to Val for challenging me to try more patterns. And big thanks to all of you who encourage me.


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Wow, Kate, I love all of your work, but I especially like the first quilt. What is the pattern around the mariner's compass called? I think it's stunning. And I only hope to get as good on my Tiara as you are on your Juki. I have had a down week, and I can't wait to get back to quilting this weekend.

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It's no pattern. I just made it up so I could use the compass. 6.5" squares with 4.0" squares sewn on 2 corners. Sew diagonals and cut. I did the second seam to get the bonus HSTs too. I got the idea from a signature quilt, but instead of laying it out with ever larger diamonds, I made a few different focal points. I used a slightly different fabric where the points came together.

I can diagram it and provide more details if you want.


(Wow, reading over my description I realize that's not very clear! Seriously, if you want more detail let me know and I'll work on explaining it better.)

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