Is this a nice looking kitchen in a small starter home?

tlbean2004July 21, 2014

My house is less that 900sf.
Will someone looking to buy a starter home for the first time like this kitchen?

I recently got new cabinet doors and painted them white.

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Here is another pic.

Also, all the appliances are from the last 4 years.

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And here is a pic with the old doors.

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It would be a nicer looking kitchen if you changed out the window treatments. The curtains overwhelm the whole space. Try a simple roll up shade or blinds.

Hard to tell if a buyer would consider your house. Depends on the price and if there is any way to add more counter space. Your new washer and dryer look too large for the area.

To get a buyer in the door, your listing pictures need show the space with no clutter.

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Jaime Baldwin

I agree with maddielee about the window treatment. I would personally prefer to see something less substantial. It makes an already small space seem even smaller. Another suggestion would be to add a counter over the top of the washer and dryer. As is, they seem a bit like an there was nowhere else to put them, and they were kind of just plopped in the kitchen. I think adding a countertop would help inexpensively tie them into the rest of the kitchen, while at the same time adding a lot more usable workspace. I think the white cabinets make it a lot brighter and nicer though! Good call on that!

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it depends on what the competition has. The facelift is definitely better than the old. It's a small kitchen. But if the other houses in the neighborhood have similarly sized kitchens, then you'll be ok. If they have separate laundry rooms and bigger, nicer kitchens, then you'll have to price lower than them.

I'd consider spending a couple hundred dollars on a nice, tall faucet. That can really dress up a kitchen for not much money.

Make sure it's super clean and uncluttered for photos and showings. And I agree: Lose the curtains or at least open them to let the light in.

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In a 900 square foot house?

That's a wonderful kitchen!

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The curtains definitely have to go, and whatever you choose to replace them, make sure they are open when the house is shown. Clutter is also a problem, but that's easily fixed when the time comes. Nothing on top of the refrig or the cupboards, that cubby should only have a couple items in it, preferably useful but decorative too, pretty bowls or something like that, magnets off the refrig. Good looking cupboards, by the way.

The biggest problem is the washer and dryer. Do you want to keep them when you sell the house? Could you move them out to storage and buy a small set which would be only as deep as the stove? I like the idea of some sort of counter top on them if that could be done.

Good luck.

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Could the washer/dryer be stacked? That would leave room for some more counter space next to the range, at range height. (The washer/dryer are higher than the range).

What you've done certainly has improved the space. I like small spaces, but I would not be satisfied with your kitchen layout. For a kitchen that size, I would prefer an 'L', rather than a 'U' layout.

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I think I would prefer no curtain at all. If you must put something there, either just a valance or a roman shade that is pulled up for natural light.

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Goodness, that is a tiny kitchen! Agree with the other posters, get rid of the heavy dark curtain. Replace it with a light, colorful valance. Maybe put a small rug in front of the sink. Matching the color of the new valance. Clear the clutter. The W/D combo is too big and taking up valuable space. Can it be moved to the garage or carport? I can't tell from the picture, are there 2 ceiling lights? The reflection makes it hard to see. One in the ceiling center and one over the sink? Hopefully they match. NancyLouise

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I think your front loader washer/dryer are too nice and too big for a small starter home.
I'd look into a smaller size (used), preferably stackable, and also see if there's another place where you could put them.

Second the suggestion to remove the curtain, declutter, get some attractive jars or spices on that shelf, and look into getting a nice faucet.

Here is a link that might be useful: staging a kitchen

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What Weedy said...

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+2 on what weedyacres said.

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Honestly? What are you hiding outside that window? And those are certainly MASSIVE laundry units for such a tiny space. But, for me, since I would never choose a home where I would cook and do dirty laundry in the same small area, I would be thankful you included the picture so I could efficiently rule it out.

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IMO the white cabinets made a massive improvement to the attractiveness of this kitchen.

I agree that the window treatment takes away from this improvement.

My main concern with the washer and dryer is the heat and moisture they would add to the kitchen, but that is partly a zone issue--if you are in a hot, humid climate it could be unbearable, though.

Some people (with experience doing laundry) would probably appreciate the larger washer and dryer, and be willing to overlook the slight overlap. I would be more concerned with the space available to use the counter and drawers next to the stove.

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Much better.

I agree with others on the curtain and stacking the washer and dryer. If you stack them then you could fit a lower cabinet between the w/d and the stove for some extra counter space and not have a completely floating stove.

If you bought a stock unfinished 3 drawer stack base cabinet from Lowes, HD, or the likes then the top two drawers could be used for utensils and pots and pans and the bottom could be used to replace your laundry basket except don't do this when showing the home.

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The painted cabinets look really nice for a starter home. I own identical curtain panels, and they allow much more light than appear in the photos. The washer and dryer overwhelm the space. I would be concerned about moving around in the kitchen with so little clearance between the fridge, stove, w/d, and the dining area.

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If you build a countertop above the washer & dryer, you/your buyer cannot use a top-loading washing machine, so the buyer will have to have massive front loaders as well...or they'll want yours.

I wish you the best.

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Do the washer/dryer stay?

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This would open up your over the sink area, and give you more perceived storage. Stage it with small live pot plants, and olive oil bottles and salt and peppers. You don't need a bay to do this. Just attach a bracket to your upper shelves. Use glass so the light can shine through.
Remove your utilitarian items in your open shelf for pictures and showings. Ditch the magnets. Put down a small, happy, inexpensive rug in front of the sink. I would either move the washer and dryer before listing, or get a small stacked set for that corner. That way you could put a small kitchen cart on wheels next to your stove. Perceived choppig space and more storage.

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A small, foldable kitchen cart-

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Original Poster Here!

These are all great ideas.
I love my washer and dryer even though they are large.
I realistically could move them into an unused closet that is right behind my bathtub since the bathroom plumbing is close by.

If i moved them, then i could put a new counter top there with a dishwasher under it.

The curtain does need to go. I plan to put some faux wood blinds in that window with silver curtains that will always be open.

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what's the view out of that kitchen window? I have to say I really like musicgal's suggestion.
Also, I think moving the washer/dryer would open up the kitchen even more. Adding a dishwasher and counter space would be great. As it is, it's not so nice to use your washer as a landing space next to the range.
What's next to the fridge? Could you add some cart there?
Also, is there a way to scoot the range closer to the wall?

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tlbean- you might want to look at the kitchen forum for ideas if you are willing to go that far. Is your range electric? If it is, you would get better work efficiency from pushing IT over and putting a dishwasher closer to your sink. A dishwasher would be a very good selling point. This one is 18 inches wide. I am amazed at how much these folks packed on one wall!

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The carport is outside the window. In front of that is another house and there carport. lol
There is a door next to the fridge that leads to the back yard and then there is my dining table.
And the plug for the range is up against the wall so i cannot put is any closer to the wall. its very annoying.

that is a good suggestion. i did not even know they made dishwashers that small!

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Well, I still think you need to open up that window more. Also the one in your eating area.Maybe sheers, or is there a way to have something outside that would be a nice view, like a trellis with flowers or window box, or like musicagal's idea but hang plants in the window itself? Or what about those window films?

You can buy them on ebay.

The problem with 18" dishwasher sis that they are more expensive, with possibly the exception of Danby.

I think moving your washer/dryer would make a really nice counter area, with DW and range. And yes, maybe move the range over.

I agree that you should go to the kitchen forum, state what your budget is, and ask for recommendations.

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The new doors look nice and go a long way towards making it look better. If you can get the washer and dryer out of there and put in a cabinet and countertop that would help a lot.

The washer/dryer you have are really nice, so I'd suggest moving them into storage and installing at least a hookup in the nearby closet, and then either install a good used set in that closet, or just advertise the laundry hookup. Also when the electrician installs the outlet for the new dryer hookup, have them move the outlet for the range to a location that allows the fridge to be pushed all of the way back.

More/better lights would make the place looks better, but like others suggest even opening/replacing the curtains would improve the light.

I remodeled a similar-sized kitchen in a similar sized side-by-side duplex last year and went from this:

to this:

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Question - do washers and dryers typically convey in your area? If not, although those machines overwhelm the space, I MIGHT leave them and have the realtor explain that that space will be open. On the other hand, many buyers lack imagination and might not be able to picture the kitchen without the washer and dryer, or might think, "well I'll have to put mine there, too, so it will be just as crowded." If the machines DO convey, are you willing to lose money on new machines?

Is there another place where you can install both the washer plumbing and exterior dryer vent? (Can you vent the dryer if it's in the closet you mention?) If so, I think that is very important, even if you don't use it and only advertise it, as someone else mentioned. If you remove your washer and dryer (a good option.... use a laundromat while on the market, as inconvenient as that is) but don't install new hook-ups, a buyer won't have much choice but to use the hook-ups in the kitchen or have the hassle of installing the hook-ups themselves.

Honestly, I think this is an adorable if crowded kitchen for a 900 sf starter home. I agree that you need to find a way to uncover the window - even an ugly view is better than heavy curtains.

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