Bathroom - help with layout please

jaynes123_gwMay 14, 2014

New build, home plan to live/ retire so not concerned with resale. Purposely had bathroom to be spaciously large. House is framed, ordering cabinetry, need to finalize master bath custom vanity.

Note floorplan square each a foot (although will be wood) so as can see, original plan had 12 foot long vanity and center was intended as sitdown makeup area

I do NOT want that.

I want double vanity down to 8' based on our current 6' leaving 4' in corner. Plumbings in but they can just adjust pipe so sinks will be closer together but left with corner to be revised..

CLOSET - One thought was build out as linen closet to match other one on opposite wall - not hurting for storage with giant clothes closet on back wall of vainty which we'll only use fraction of so will include storage shelving. opposite side.

OPEN - Tonight thought of leaving it empty to extend seating below window also aesthetic but love idea of coach in bathroom so coach and chair?

Wondering which will look best aesthetically - which would you pick or would you do something else? Would appreciate your opinions.

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This is my attempt at what room might look like both ways

Right know theres no drywall but rest of bathroom is framed out.

Vanity side will need to be ordered for that corner as finished if its not adjacent to closet or unfinished if its flush to closet.

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i think you choose the great corner for your bathroom

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Sorry, I don't understand

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Annie Deighnaugh

You probably should post this in bathrooms...they will give lots of suggestions.

The WC door should not be in swinging for safety reasons so you may have some door conflict in that area.

I like to have medicine chest type space so what we did was to keep the sinks separate and add a stack between them. The lower part of our stack is like an appliance garage with a lift door. Behind is an outlet for waterpik and rechargeable toothbrush to plug in. We use it for taller storage and for things we share. Above that is shelving for pills and things. You have plenty of room to do something similar and still have plenty of surface area around each sink.

You also have a lot of space, but less wall space so think about where and how you want to hang your towels.

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i wouldn't want a sitdown makeup area either... but i do love having a tower like annie shows! be sure to put outlets in it if you get one!
i wouldn't want both a bench and a chair in my bathroom- i would choose one or the other...
i would choose to have more storage, but i tend to have alot of stuff...! but, think about where you will have your hamper, and specific things like that. some people like to keep a clothes valet and steamer in their bathroom or closet...
i like keeping my robe, pajamas, underwear, and things like that in the bathroom rather than in the bedroom or closet, but it looks like you have a door directly into the closet from your bathroom, so that might be enough for you... just remember, what might seem like a big closet might not feel so big once you're living with it!!

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Thanks for suggestion - I will repost in bathroom.

Probably shouldve mentioned that I prefer the look of not separating the two vanities. I updated color pic to show intended floor with middle ottoman -trying to make the center/ core of room the "bathroom" bookended by toilet/clothes closet at one end, linen closet / ?? at opposite end.

Still glad you posted the photo Annie- I love the counter top with white sink. Doing coastal, white / navy with black accent so was thinking black or white counter but your color would be nicer to avoid the white navy black overkill and play off wood floor.

Busy - Im same with underclothes in bathroom. why I wanted closet directly connected to bathroom. Im trying to not even have dresser in bedroom. Ture on towels, saw a bar on glass shower door at hotel want to do.

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