Backsplash electrical outlets & plugmold

Kristen HallockApril 12, 2013

I am mulling over electrical outlets. I really want my DH to install plugmold so that when I tile the backspask I dont have to worry about the electrical outlets making it not as nice.

But I do have some appliances that live on my countertop - like my Kitchen Aid mixer, and my toaster oven. Do people ever have a mix of regular outlets and plugmold?

Dh can do electrical work, but how hard is plugmold to install? He kind of balks at projects like this since its not necessary and just making more work for him. Do you have to rip out the sheetrock in order to wire it in?

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Yup - I chickened out as some peeps didn't like the plugmold.
I have more plugs than I will ever need.
Sparky did not rip out the sheet rock to install the plug mold but I wasn't there when he did it. I remember one problem - the cold air return caused a problem and to meet code, we had to bridge across on this one - This one is visible if you are a kid or sitting low.

I ended up with 3 wall outlets. In retrospect, I might have kept the one in the corner and nuked the other 2.

If I had gone with an air switch for my GD, I would have skipped the outlet and switch. The one in my bake zone also has a light switch with it - so I put a plug in there also - It is nice having the UCL switch in 2 locations, but might have nuked both.

The corner one has the coffee pot plugged into it and DH leaves it plugged in all of the time.

Some GWers don't like the pigtails hanging down - so if you know where your permanent items will live, you could put a few wall mount plugs in place.

We used WireMold - it looks more like a power strip than the commercial plug mold.

The GC mounted an angled piece of wood at the back edge and the plug mold is mounted at ~45 degrees.

Plug mold is in the back - LEDs in front - we had to move them back a bit to decrease shadows

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We are having a mix:

Low horizontal outlets along two banks of cabinets where the coffee maker, toaster and Nespresso will live. One outlet will have dual USB chargers. We did end up having two along a 43" run of cabinet to meet code. I didn't want to do both plugmold AND sockets. They are mounted sideways and I have outlet covers that (mostly) match the backsplash.

The plugmold is along the feature wall, tucked in back.

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I was going to install plugmold, then decided it was one of the things I would cut due to my budget overruns. So, I only have outlets installed horizontally within my backsplash. Horizontal placement is important to the receptacles being unobtrusive. Because I have hand-made 4x4 tile, my backsplash installer had to do more cutting of the tile around the horizontal outlet than he would have if I'd had subway tile. I am very happy with how they turned out.

The key is to have the receptacles installed as low as local Code will allow. My electrician said it is 4" from countertop to center of receptacle, but other areas have different requirements and some areas have no requirements as to receptacle height. I ended up not missing the plugmold because the low horizontal placement of the receptacles means that they are hidden by my paper towel holder, coffee maker, etc., and there are no dangling cords either.

(in case anyone is wondering, this receptacle is not a GFCI because it is across the kitchen from the sink. The ones on the sink wall are GFCI as required by Code.)

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akchicago - great idea on keeping them low. I am not sure what our code is but we are long past that stage.
What is your tile?

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