RECIPE: Orange slice cooklies

grams33November 18, 2009

Does anyone have a recipe for orange slice cookies that tells how much orange juice and peel to use? All my recipes call for orange juice and peel of oranges-so how much? I rarely have oranges on hand but have grated orange peel If anyone knows how much juice that would be -(Help!)it would be you people . Thanks in advance.

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Does this sound like it? Or were they not iced?

Here is a link that might be useful: Orange slice cookies

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Thank you. A friend had it. This one has orange slice candy and oatmeal as part of the ingredients. But thank you for the bother.

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Wish you had mentioned the orange slice candy & oatmeal. I found those recipes. Glad your friend had it.

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Hey Ginger - I like the Fancy Orange Slice Cooky recipe you posted and plan to bake them over the holidays. The confectioners' sugar will make them so good (reminds me of the crust I make for lemon bars). Thanks. Ann

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