Second Showing Advice Needed

raya7694July 25, 2010

We have had two second showings this week and the realtors always say we are in the top three. We are using a flat rate service that includes a realtor but only to list and negotiate a deal.

So should I be emailing the realtors after second showings for news or just sit back and hope for an offer?


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We just usually sit back and let them make their offer. We've also been lucky that the offers have been made within 24 hours of the second showing. We've always had a realtor represent us so any type of follow up call would have been from him or her. I doubt one was made.

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What would you hope to accomplish by calling or emailing after the realtor has given you some feedback?

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If I didn't hear anything, I'd contact my Realtor and see what they could find out.

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