Not often do I...

jennifer_in_vaJuly 31, 2014

give up on a project and throw it all away. But I did that tonight. I've been working on this project off and on for a month or more, and it's never been an easy pattern to follow.

I pride myself in (eventually) finishing what I start, and being capable of reading and following a pattern. I've struggled with this one more than enough, and simply decided I didn't want it THAT much.

I give a 'thumbs down' for this pattern (which I've always wanted to make) and would think twice before buying another pattern from this company.

On to something new!

Here is a link that might be useful: portapocket pattern

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I feel your pain! But thank you for giving us your valued opinion of this pattern - I've seen something similar and wondered about it.


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Good for you. Sometimes you have to follow your instincts and say I know better than you.

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Sorry to hear that, Jen! I've made her free patterns and didn't remember having an issue with them.

I started a project in a guild workshop several years ago (Stone Portals by Esterita Austin). I didn't like the way it was going in the class and put it away. A looooong time later I got it back out, studied it a while and realized I still hated it. I cut the black background fabric off right next to the stithced parts (didn't want to waste perfectly good solid black fabric! LOL) and threw the rest away. It actually felt good! It was bugging me being in the project box unfinished. :)


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I have something similar, but its leather and I purchased it. It works great! I hate that your pattern was so much trouble. I hope you wrote them to let them know how much trouble it was!


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Sorry that happened to you, Jen. With your experience, I'd think you could make your own. I was given something similar (no zippers) years ago and it's very useful.


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I know that feeling. I hate to give up on anything but sometimes it is best to just get rid of it. I sew for enjoyment and if it's not fun I don't want to make it.
Thanks for the heads up on this pattern.
Linda OH

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I didn't think you ever gave up on a project. If you are giving up, it must be a pain. I had been thinking about trying it, but won't now. Thanks for the heads up.


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Sometimes you just gotta' know when to say NO to a project. And good for you for doing so. I had a friend once gift me a Wedding Ring quilt kit that had come from one of her friend's elderly family member's fabric stash that was being cleaned out and reorganized. The Wedding Ring quilt kit was partially pieced with some fabrics already cut in to small bundles, I don't like taking on projects that have been partially sewn by someone else because each person's seams have their own thickness/width, and I remembered from my Aunt who taught me how to quilt, that she had mentioned making a Wedding Ring quilt and how hard it was to piece, ........ so I gave this Wedding Ring quilt kit to my church's garage sale, and I have not regretted getting rid of it and saying NO to that project. Quilting should make you happy and should not leave you stressed.

Best to you,

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FlamingO in AR

I have that pattern and have made about 6 of them for me and my friends. Yes, the first one seemed complicated and tricky, but after that one, they got so easy. Don't give up! Her instructions are wonderful and very detailed. I even adapted the pattern and made it a bit bigger so I could use one in the console of my SUV.

As I recall, it probably took longer to cut out all the pieces that go into this than it did to actually sew them together.

Her patterns are great, they are designed for intermediate or better sewists, but I think that beginners could also use them if they just take their time and read her instructions. (I am not implying that you are a beginner, please don't misunderstand, that was just for the benefit of others who might be interested in Kathy's patterns.)

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FlamingO in AR

Jennifer, if you still have this, I'd be happy to walk you thru any parts that are giving you trouble.

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Flamingo~ I appreciate the offer, but I'll pass. The pieces are all in the trashcan, but my mind just won't let me go back to it.

I'm good at following directions (I've even written patterns before) but there's just something about the steps the way she has them written that just don't compute. And it seems like I have way many more pieces (duplicates) than seems logical. I've read, and reread and just can't follow.

I'm okay to let this project go. It's time for a decent burial, and time to move on.

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FlamingO in AR

OK, just let me put on my black armband! ;)

What time is the service? LOL

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