Anyone quilting this weekend?

lindaoh_gwJuly 22, 2011

I made row 3 of my row robin this afternoon. I don't know if I will quilt tomorrow. I have had a very busy week with appointments and work. Yesterday was so hot (102)that I didn't even get in the pool. This afternoon we had a thunderstorm move through bringing 1/2 inch of much needed rain. After the storm, the temp went down to 80.

Are you quilting this weekend?

Linda OH

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I'm finishing up two quick quilts for my daughter's 2 good friends as graduation presents. I'm trying out the easy on-point method that Sharon shared awhile back. You do lose the 1/4" allowance on the points, but that's okay.

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The heat (103d.) has kept me indoors and looks like I will be in for the weekend. Not really bad for me as I am getting those almost completed projects worked on, and actually completed one of them!

I am also trying to get the sewing room into some sort of order again. Yesterday I actually cleaned out the sewing machine cabinet area, and now can find things in the drawers again! Gives me an push to work a bit on the other areas of the room!

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I hope to at least get the Butterscotch Swirl blocks sewn together and the last border on the Crumby D9P. DGD is being surprised with a motorcycle this afternoon so that will take up some of my sewing time cause I want to be there when it's given to her.

Linda, I thought about you when that storm went through. It was really bad in Warsaw. The whole town was without power for quite a few hours. She said the roof over half their shipping building is totally just gone. They're trying to determine if it was a tornado.


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I have 2 more strips to add to each of the 47 log cabin blocks for DH's quilt, so I hope to finish them up today.

We're about to have our master bath remodeled, so I need to do some sketches for that, too.

Tomorrow we've got lots of running around to car needs new tires, we want to look at tile, etc. So probably no sewing tomorrow!


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No! My son, who lives in Okinawa, will be home for a week. He will be here, hopefully, in 2 hrs!
Flying really sucks these days! He's had delays on every flight. He finally got out of Chicago yesterday only to turn around and go back. Seems they have a tuff time finding a plane that can actually fly! Not something a mom wants to hear ya know.
So I won't be sewing this weekend! LOL!!!

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I have been wanting to start two baby quilts all week and haven't had the time. Maybe this coming week. I did do some hand quilting last night for a couple of hours on one of my birthday block quilts.


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I hope to get the first border on the Nine Patch Pizazz.
It is blazing hot here - and need to stay inside.
I am preshrinking the fabric for the backing as I type - that's probably all the progress I will actually make on it.
Family plans will probably keep me from sewing :~(
But I am happy for family!!

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Bon - I'm so happy for you that you get to spend time with your son! Enjoy your weekend.

For me this weekend, it's all about sewing the binding on the big king size quilt. I picked it up Friday and machine sewed the binding to the top; now I'm sewing it to the back by hand. I'm out of practice on hand sewing and just what I did last night has my finger sore and red. I have some of those little sticky dots but of course I can't find them. I'm determined to have it all done by Monday so I can take it to work for "Show and Tell". (Should I be honest and call it "Show Off and Brag?")

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