from a recent class using The Big Print

pirate_girlJuly 16, 2012

Hi Folks,

How is everybody? Been busy & summering & somewhat beachy (I live near the beach). Here's some pix of the top I made at & after a recent class. The class idea was to present us w/ a possible way to use these wonderful Asian prints w/ the large motifs.

Here's the top:

Look what an exquisite floral this is:

another area

Pls. remember that I'm a recovering textile designer, so I can get really carried away w/ the beautiful fabrics.

Tho' I intended to make a matching back using some of the featured floral from the front, I ended up making a coordinate back instead, as the other just did not work well. I rather like how different a feeling this seems to evoke in me (so far).

I learned to weave as a child, I could see a weaver's sensibility in this type of striping.

I just layed out the fabric sandwich on the floor & tried to center the back, batting & front & am about to baste it together w/ long running stitches.

Now I've got to figure out how to quilt it.

I hadn't taken a class in a couple of yrs ($$), it's really a GREAT stretch to do so. I encourage anyone who never has, to take the leap if they get the chance! Great fun had throughout!

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That's really nice! I like the coordinating back, too. Someone was just asking about using large prints...this is a great design.


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Beautiful! The quilting you do on the front will make the back really amazing. If you do free motion, maybe following some of the flowers and leaves?

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I like Asian prints. They have a wonderful elegance and richness.
Great idea for the back.
Please post another pic once it is finished.
I'd be interested in seeing how you quilted it.


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Beautiful quilt. Perfect design to let the fabric take center stage.
I love taking classes. Our Guild has workshops taught by 'Famous Instructors'. I also agree, it is well worth the time.

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Most of what I've learned, I've learned in a class. It's the way to go.

Lovely print and a wonderful way to showcase it. I love Asian prints. Nice job.

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Very nice! I love those gorgeous Asian prints.....just don't know much of what to do with them. Now I know!


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Another beautiful idea to add to the ever growing project really showcases the print and the back works as well...just love the color combo and the design. Please post the finished product!

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Very nice!!Love the fabric and what a good way to use it. A great job.
Do you have a name for the gold background fabric?? It like what I am looking for to put some Asian block together.

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Very nice. I love the front and the back. I really like all the quilts you show us. They are always simple and unique.

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I like Asian prints too and one of our local quilt stores (in Rockledge FL) stocks lots of them. I was going to use some in a 9 Patch Pizzazz, but this is another great pattern. Thanks for posting it! I like what you did with the back too. Pretty, calming and interesting!


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Hi Everybody,

Thanks for the kind words. Feedback & encouragement are helpful, wonderful things.

I really enjoyed the whole thing, class was at my LQS. It's from a kit (whose name I've forgotten), which was a first time experience for me as well. I'd been self taught thru magazines & so I was a late arrival to classes. The gods have really smiled on me, 'cause in NYC, my LQS is the cream of the crop & one could really go NUTS (the City Quilter, also exists online)!

I don't FM, I use an older home sewing Singer. While I thought the colors ring pretty true here on screen, apparently not that the background is a kind of peach, interesting, subtle hexagons flecked w/ gold.

Nanajayne, you lucky thing you: I have the whole selvage strip w ID (I almost always cut them off):

by Lonni Rossi for Andover Fabrics, Patt #5611 (peach)

Maybe I'll try for a closer shot of this fabric sometime; while it's a complex & subtle pattern, it doesn't detract from the novelty print at all & the peach color pops the whole thing.

This print looks very different w/out the peach, I originally bought it cause I couldn't believe how gorgeous a floral could be made in a brown & gray coloring. Yet when I combined it w/ other brown & grays it didn't work.

That thin gray outer frame fabric, on the front is a gray pattern of Ginko leaves I may try to use as a quilt motif.

I wondered about tracing some of the leaves & the flowers as someone suggested above, but wonder it that might just be too ornate, competing w/ the print design.

I too didn't know what to do w/ these large scale Asian prints, that's why I took the class, it's the first time I'd seen anyone address the issue of the large print.

I've also been playing around w/ quilt designs w/ the drawing tool known as French curves, to trace some paisleys or tulip leaf shapes ... too many ideas, I think

I hope you folks don't mind my textilian ramblings, sort of thinking design out loud.

Vasu, a particularly nice compliment, thanks, I DO like to think my stuff is unique, especially the few originals (so far, like this back).

I hope to try a few little quilting samples before committing to anything. We'll see.

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That's a beautiful piece, very calming. If I saw that fabric in the shop, I wouldn't look twice at it, huge florals in muted, neutral colors - but it's very classy put together that way. Just goes to show how we need help and inspiration from others to grow!

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Thank you so much for the information on the backgroud fabric. I am going to check it out although I was leaning toward gold I do like the this one and the fabrics I have should blend.

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Beautiful fabrics and it makes a fresh modern looking quilt!

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Thanks Rosa Joe,

Hi All, am starting a new thread w/ the pix of this quilt, completed. Was asked to follow up when done & am happy to do so.

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