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vicky4x4July 7, 2011

When do you like to quilt the most? I usually quilt during the daytime and can't seem to quilt at night, unless I'm really involved in a quilt then it doesn't matter I'll quilt until it's done.


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My boss would object if I set my machine up at work, so I only get to sew evenings. :~))
I don't get many weekends to sew anymore, but I love to get up early on Sunday and sew for a while before DH wakes up and the day gets started. That's really my time.

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Any time my husband either isn't home or is engrossed in something of his own. My head gets so far into it while I'm quilting that I don't want any interruptions. Usually it's later in the day so I don't have various chores in my mind. It's my carrot for getting them done!


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Any chance I get to sew is my favorite time! I was trying to quilt 15 mins a day - that didn't work! So I steal time whenever I can. It is easier when DH is gone for some reason.

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I used to sew in the evenings a lot, especially when DH worked till 10 or 11 at night. Fortunately now his store is only open till 7, so he gets home around 8 and then I have to make supper, etc. I also can't see as well at night any more.

Most of my sewing is now on weekends. He works every other Sat. and on Sundays he's usually relaxing, so he doesn't care if I'm holed up in the sewing room.


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I also wish I could set up my machine at work! I'd enjoy it sooooo much! Unfortunately, the only time I get is when dinner is done and the kids are in bed. Lately, I've had so much to do in the evenings, I haven't even had that time. I was so hoping the summer would slow down a bit.


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DH Jim used to travel for his job all the time and was often gone for 10 days at a time. I hated it, especially on weekends, but consoled myself by quilting. Three years ago his job changed and he's almost never gone on weekends. So of course, now I wish I had an entire weekend to quilt without interruptions! I'm glad to have him home so I keep my complaint to myself, but I would love a whole weekend of nothing but sewing.

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Usually late morning and/or mid to late afternoon...and/or sometimes in the evening. @:)


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I used to be able to sew most anytime I wanted to -- until I began caring for small children! Now I rarely have a day w/out them & so can only quilt in the evenings. But then DGS' soccer, baseball, our praise team practice...my evenings tend to disappear! As some of you know all too well!
My biggest obstacle is when I sew evenings, I usually lose track of time & voila! it's midnight...or after! :( Of course DH had fallen asleep while reading, so he too lost track of the clock! Makes for short sleep time:(

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I would quilt at any time of day, if that were possible. But with kids home (& homeschooling, & activities, & household stuff) that doesn't happen much.

Sometimes I can steal some time in the afternoon, but usually it's after kids go to bed. That doesn't happen until 9:30-10:00pm so it makes for some late sewing time! And it's often that I go weeks without sewing!

This is why Retreat is so important to me. I have days of uninterrupted sewing! And if I want to stay up till the wee hours of the morning sewing, I can!

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Since DH works 2-midnight, I do most of my sewing in the evenings. Jennifer and I stay up all night at retreat when we get the chance.


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I like afternoons-early evenings the best but in winter evenings work sometimes. I try and use a few hrs. evreyday but this darn computer has taken over my life somedays!! Try and wean away but it is so addictive.lol

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I sew mostly in the afternoon and at night while the other half is watching all the political shows. He switches channels so much that I get annoyed and leave. Other than that I try to get what ever time I can in to sew.

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At home, I sew mostly in the late evening...I am a nighthawk! Through the school year I will often sew during the day either at a friend's house or the guild UFO day but that is usually only 1 day a week. If I can't sleep at night, I get up and sew. Since I sew in the DR, it is far enough away from the bedrooms so I don't interrupt anyone elses sleep. The only time that I don't sew is early morning.


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Now that I am retired, I usually sew during the day. Hand quilting is much easier with better light. I do like to sew in the evenings, but when DH goes to bed, he thinks I should too. Even though my sewing room is on opposite ends of the house, he thinks he can still hear my machine!

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I am retired and live alone (not even a dog anymore), so I have unlimited time to sew. Ironically, I don't even sew every day because I waste a lot of time doing other things. Anyway, afternoons are usually my best and most productive time to work. Maybe 1 to 5 when I am in the mood.

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