Paper Towel Holder Recommendation

Julia4326April 5, 2013

Can anyone recommend a good metal/stainless cabinet undermount paper towel holder. One that is spring loaded like a toilet roll holder that can accomodate a larger roll.

One that you own. I am finding some online but none of them seem to be the appropriate size for the thicker paper towels.


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I was going to post about paper towel storage. At first I wanted something just like this.

Now, though, part of me wants to forget it and just put the paper towels under the sink so that I can have undercab lighting everywhere. (wouldn't using a paper towel holder like the one you're talking about mean no undercab lighting for that area?)

If I sound obsessed with undercab lighting, that's because I am obsessed with undercab lighting. :)

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Thanks for the follow-up. You make an excellent point. We are getting under cabinet lighting and it would block it.

Maybe under the sink. I was also thinking perhaps a drawer dispenser almost like a tissue box... I'm off to do more research. :)

I am also obsessed with under cabinet lighting. You can NEVER have enough lighting (or at least the option to have more lighting).

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You might find this thread helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: paper towel holder discussion

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Thank You! Super helpful. That was exactly what I was looking for!

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Julia - Just a tip - If you try to search on GW for something like "where to put the paper towels," it doesn't always ( or ever) work. Try going on google or bing and search for "gardenweb where to put the paper towels" and a whole list will come up. You don't need it now because laughable gave you a great link, but for any future searches, it's the way to go. I can't even find my own posts if I use the GW search.

Try it for something like " gardenweb where to keep the onions". You'll be amazed. And you'll get great ideas for where to keep the onions.

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Thanks, I just started using this forum. It always seemed when I googled something I would find the answer in one of the threads, so I signed up. I figured the search engine on garden web would be powered by google.

I was wondering why when I searched for this particular thread (or any thread) I had a hard time finding it. Thanks for the suggestions.

This really is such a great place to share ideas and see what others are doing. I really appreciate all the help!

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