looking for: ot? recipies for nesco roaster

columbusgardenerNovember 11, 2007

Thanksgiving is going to be at my "New" home this year - at this point it looks like 20. So in an effort to make things easier ( and so I can actually enjoy the company) I have decided that I am going to cook Turkey breasts instead of a traditional bird. Stuffing in a crockpot. I bought a roaster oven ( it's actually a hamilton beach 18qt) it came with the three inserts. I am hoping that someone may have an idea for sides that I can make in the roaster - I really need to free up space in the oven. I am not so sure how to use the roaster - can I use it in place of the oven? or is it best used as a way to keep everything warm? I have looked for a cook book specifically for the roaster - but they won't get here until after the holiday. I even checked the library not one .....

thank you for any help


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Do you have an oven and a cook top? Will you be making rolls and pies that day? Will you be having a side of scalloped oysetrs that need to be baked? Will you ba having a baked sweet potato dish? Do you have a microwave?
I would make the rolls the day or more before...freeze and heat at the last minute.
Bake the turkey...or breasts in the oven, have the sweet potatoes all boiled and the topping on and ready to bake...Make the mashed potatoes while the turkey is cooking and re heat in the microwave....make the pies in the morning before the turkey is in the oven.
When the turkey is cooked and while it's resting cook your sweet potatoes and pan of stuffing and veggie casserole if having one.....when the potatoes and veggies are done, remove from the oven and cover with foil and towels to keep warm, re heat the rolls, carve the turkey, make the gravy while the turkey is resting....and use the roaster to keep the gravy hot.
I cooked holiday meals for lots of years with one oven, 4 burners and no microwave.
Stuffing in a crock pot is a mushy nasty mess....never gets a crisp top.
Lots of sides don't need to be kept hot...salads relish tray, cranberry relish, olives and pickles.
Linda C

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Why not use the roaster oven for the turkeys. Below is a thread about using it for that. Then you'll have the oven for the sides. Also go to www.hamiltonbeach.com & you'll find recipes for your appliance.

Here is a link that might be useful: 18 qt Roaster

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Here are some other recipes for roaster ovens that might be helpful & give you some hints as to timing, etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: Oven Roaster Recipes

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You'll find Nesco recipes below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nesco

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Thank you for the links - I obviously don't know how to search the internet very well.

I do have an oven, cook top and a micro - I guess I am just overly concerned - and your right just as many sides can be in the fridge.

Thank you for the suggestions


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You're most welcome. Hope you'll post back with your results.

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