Anyone ever done this?

dan_the_mailmanJuly 1, 2012

So, this morning I was cutting strips to use in a quilt I'm currently working on (with Bump looking on in the role of "administration"), and I got an idea. I took a bunch of strips and wove them into a basketweave pattern, up and over each other. It looked pretty interesting, and would really be easy to sew together, just go along each side of each strip and the block would quilt itself. I'm going to have to play with this idea I think. Has anyone ever done this?


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I haven't done it with fabric because I'm not a raw edge fan, but I've done it with leather strips in the days when I was making leather bags. It's a beautiful effect.

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I have a pattern for a bag that does that on a foundation. I might try it eventually but would probably use bias strips with a folded edge.

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I have a pattern for a purse that is woven like that but you sew the strips into tubes so there are not raw edges. It might be very cool done the way you describe stitching both sides of the strips. We will, of course, need to see a picture!

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I think I like the raw edges more than the finished ones using tubes would provide. I'll have some time this afternoon hopefully, and of course, there will be!

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Here's my purse that did this... Tupper, it's a fun purse to make/have!

I like the woven effect.

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Jennifer, that's cool!
I made my block today, using 2.5" wide strips of batiks. I like that they're printed on both sides because that allowed me to do both sides of the eventual quilt. My block turned out to be 16" square, and has a bit of a rumply look, as you can see in the picture. When I sewed the strips together, it quilted the block at the same time. I'm going to call my experiment a success for the following reasons...

1) Both the top and bottom sides are done at the same time.
2) The raw edges give it texture, which I like a lot!
3) It's super soft!
4) I won't have to quilt it when I've finished, it's already done.
5) If I leave it "as is", I'll have a reversible quilt with a raw and rough side, and a smooth side.


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