Pictures not updating after several weeks

Zoe52July 1, 2013

I just got off the phone with to have them update my pictures that were retaken weeks ago. We spent a quite a bit of money to remove wallpaper and repaint 6 rooms in our home in order to make the home sell faster. had updated my home description and our subsequent drop in price, but not the pictures.

Both and the Yahoo Realty had to be asked to do this, but for some reason they were updated with Zillow and Trulia.

Just wondering why some sites pick this info up automatically and others don't.

And fwiw I asked my Realtor to correct this and he said he had no control over the internet sites... yet I was able to correct it on my own as the owner of the home.

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similar thing happened here when we had listed our house and had to re stage it, took new updated them and the descriptive text at once on but the pictures never refreshed on trulia and Zillow though the text did... I found out it was because he never submitted the new photos. a former co worker whose son is a realtor put me wise to this. at least locally, the real estate representative can submit new text and photos at any time directly to online real estate sites. If your photos don't refresh it is because your realtor (or whoever is doing the online work in his office) is not submitting them. There may be associated fees with some sites which would make
a realtor wary of making multiple submissions to multiple sites. Perhaps some of our contributing realtors who have real experience with this will chime in. This is only hearsay from me since I have only seller's end of this for experience and input from somebody related to a realtor for the realtor's side of the equation.

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The third party sites are private businesses that the realtors have no control over. has nothing to do with us at all. My listings go to over 1000 different third party sites automatically when I enter a listing into the MLS. It would be impossible to see when and how often the listing is updated.
Note to Public: These third party RE sites are not RE sites... they are advertising site that sells ad space to agents and who ever else wants to advertise. In order to sell ad space for top dollar, the site needs to show that they get so many clicks. To do this, they need as much info on the site as possible. So, they do not care if the info is correct, old or missing. They only care about getting those hits.

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I asked my Realtor to correct this and he said he had no control over the internet sites... yet I was able to correct it on my own as the owner of the home.

What your Realtor was really saying is that he was too lazy to make the phone calls/write the e-mails to get the photos updated in these major sites that are advertising his product.

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If your agent does not have a paid subscription to enhanced listings on they are not able to change pictures/text.

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