QoTD - July 11 - Quilt Labels

K8OrlandoJuly 10, 2011

I'm dating this question for Monday since there have been so few people on line this weekend! Hope you all had fun quilting!

Do you label your quilts? If you do (and I would encourage you to do it!), how do you do it and what information do you include? Do you purchase those pretty quilt labels that you can write on? What brand of fabric pen do you use?

I tend to get a little carried away with my labels and make it part of the creative process. I do purchase some labels but also make my own. I use the Micron pens and only wish I had them in more colors! I include my name, city, date and sometimes even a little info about the quilt or the event. If it was professionally quilted, I put that quilters name on the label too.


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I label most of mine. I usually use a square folded in half to make a triangle. I sew it into the corner as I sew on the binding, then hand sew the upper edge. Most of my quilts are for co-workers and simply say "With prayers from your family at XXX" and the date. They are presented with a card that has been passed around the hospital so everyone who wishes to sign can. I usually include a short note in the card about the making of the quilt.

The ones for friends and family say something like "made with love and prayers for XXX from B Presley (or Grammy)" and the date.


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I have used a few purchased label but usually make my own from co-ordinating fabric, nothing fancy. I sometimes fuse then on and then hand sew around them.I add the date.
If it is for someone special I will write their name.
I sign with Micron pens. I usually say; Made with Love by Jayne. [this is from the time that I sold my quilts and other things]
Elsewhere on the quilt I write my full name. Often on the opposit corner, on the binding.
If it is being give I have written instructions on paper for care and info on the quilt if I have felt it was important.

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I usually label my quilts with the name of the recipient, my name and the date finished. Sometimes I put my city and state too. The last quilt I finished included my sister's name, the recipient's name (her man friend), his birthday (the occasion for the giving of the quilt) and my name as "the quilter." That is what my sister wanted on the quilt.

In the past I have used some purchased labels-by-the-yard, but usually I mark them with Pigma pens, using colors and designs found on the quilt.

Our guild had some labels printed up to put in our charity quilts that our members make.


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I've only finished 3, and none of them have labels, but I wish they did. Since I still have all 3, I guess, I still can!


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Kate, as computer savvy as you are (techno twinkie) your labels could be really artsy and creative if you used your computer.

On the quilts I have labeled for gifts, I use the Bubble Jet 2000 method on muslin and print from my computer in colors.

I included a "pic of spools of thread" (I would like to customize a logo for myself-my sales business background
is making me do this!)
Name of the quilt
Name of the recipient
Name of who pieced & quilted
City & state

Occasion if there is one
Date completed - year

These labels look very nice.

If I have the label finished ahead of time, I sew 2 sides when I sew on the binding. I have also sewn it into the corner like Beverly, and I really like this look.

I did a lot of reading before I decided what should go on the labels. I think this is the minimum amt of info for a loving gift that will be kept. I also read where we should be identifying the source of the block or pattern giving credit for future generations, but I'm not doing that - just like if I designed the quilt, I don't put design by.

I made a label ahead of time, put it in a 'safe' place - have destroyed (cleaned) everywhere it could possibly be looking for it - I am making a replacement tonight.

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Here's the one I made for the retro fabrics quilt I just finished. I used the 1930s-1950s prints from the quilt to make the prairie points around the label. No PP on the quilt, but I did use them on one set of matching pillowcases. I'll sew this on by hand in a lower corner as soon as I get the quilt back from the longarmer.

And here's one I made last year for a retirement quilt. I used a lot of blue, button down oxford cloth in the quilt so I had this cuff plaquette available for the label. The other information is inside the plaquette, including washing instructions.


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I remember the retirement quilt label & thought it so clever!
I love what you did making the label on the retro BBlock/ Recovery quilt. Can't wait to see the finished quilt!
Good use of the Prairie Points. You may want to stitch it on so the PP are still loose and not stitched down.

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Loved seeing the ideas! I usually use my embroidery machine and embroider the information on a piece of coordinating fabric. I sew that right sides together and then flip it to the right side and then hand stitch it near near the bottom of the quilt. I really don't like my handwriting or printing so I guess that is why I embroider. LOL As a general rule, I only put the name of the quilt (all of my quilts get named), my name, and the date. There are some quilts where I have also listed the group it comes from like "Birthday Blocks 2010" or whatever. Occasionally I use the printable fabric and my ink jet printer and add a picture. I love working on the labels. I think they are artwork in and of themselves.

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I hate making labels, and I hate sewing them on the quilt. I regard it as "chore clutter" - one of those things one should do, one ought to do, but only because others expect it.

Actually, a member here, years ago, chivvied me about not labeling - saying "How on earth will your descendants know you made this quilt? What about people who might want to know in the future?". My response - "I'll be dead, and I won't care, and it's good for people to have mysteries in their lives".

When forced into labeling, I treat a fabric from the quilt with Bubble Jet Set, and print them on the computer. I have zero art skills, and no interest in pre-made fabric panels of labels.

I put my name, city and state, recipient, and year. I have never named a quilt, and I'm pretty certain I never will, LOL! These things simply don't enter my head! Someone asked me once "What do you call this quilt?" I said "Done".

Don't get me wrong - I love the creative labeling ideas you all have, and especially the cuff placket label!

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"I'll be dead, and I won't care, and it's good for people to have mysteries in their lives".

Love it! That tickled my funny bone.

I have never labeled any of my quilts and probably won't start. I have been keeping a list of quilts I've made for my own reference and I've taken pictures of most of them over the last 8 years.


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Thanks, Karlene!

I really thought I was being a thread-killer with that post.

I really do admire people who make creative labels, and I enjoy seeing them. But those ideas just never occur to me, and I have decided not to feel any guilt about it.

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Mary, you aren't a thread killer at all! Your post made me laugh - as many of yours do - and I appreciate the view from the other side of the topic!


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If I did do a quilt label it would probably be to have the care instructions on it. I got the idea from another forum member who put it on an old quilt she finished, but in my head I thought that with a tweak it would work for what I make:
Wash me gentle, wash me cold. Hang me out so I'll grow old!


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I dislike the whole label process-especially since I have had to remake the label I can't find & everything went wrong!
And like a nut, I'm still looking for the lost label in a safe place just so I can kick myself when I find it! I just finished sewing it on the quilt I am giving Saturday (big surprise for no reason!) Actually, I am giving away 2 quilts that day on the same trip.

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Karlene - "Wash me gentle, wash me cold. Hang me out so I'll grow old!" I love that and will use it!

MRG - giving away 2 quilts! Everyone you know will start inviting you to come stay for a weekend, just hoping for a quilt of their own!

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