LOOKING for: A Mexican Orange Pork Loin?

tannabananaNovember 6, 2008

Hello all, I'm hoping that you can help me out. Years ago I spent a month with a family in Mexico City, MX. At a family gathering there was this pork dish served. It was slices of pork loin and it had the most wonderful orange sauce on top of it. It was absolutely delicious! I've been trying to recreate this recipe for over two years now and have not come even close. I believe there was citrus in the sauce and the color was orange which leads me to believe that it had some kind of orange in it but I'm not 100 percent certain. I've asked my "Mexican sister" for it but it is her aunt's recipe and apparently she had difficulty translating it into English...lol - or she didn't want to take the time! I'd appreciate any ideas that you may have!

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Try doing a google search for "pork loin in sour orange sauce" I am assuming that the sauce was probably sour oranges and not regular orange juice.

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It is possible that what you are looking for is called Lechon Asado. I do not know how to post the link but if you will go to www.bbqu.net and look under the pork recipes you will find a recipe plus a substitute for the sour orange juice.

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Thanks for your help! I found this recipe that looks promising from foodnetwork.com


but this one also sounds like it would be similar (the one above just wouldn't have the tangy sweetness I remember)


I went ahead and made the sauce to the gourmetsleuth.com recipe and it is VERY similar. I'll give the foodnetwork.com one a chance too...

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