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vicky4x4July 21, 2011

Ever wonder why a lot of quilters have cats and for some reason they think every new project is their personal domain?

I do have a cat (Kitty) and if I'm not careful she is on everything!

She is 16 years old and will not be with me much longer :-( I'm on the look at now for a short haired calico kitten to take over where she leaves off. This new kittens name, well,

Kitty II of course.


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I don't have a cat--would love one--but it's not the right time. My last cat was 19 when she pass away but she never was interested in my sewing. From some of the pic people show it is plain many are and very posessive. I have the feeling they like to dominate. Part of their charm.

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Three cats here and all love fabric. One will even crawl into a bag fresh from the quilt store, trying to be the first one to implant their cat hair on the fabric I guess! Another one of them will lay on the sewing table between me and the machine while I'm sewing. I should move him but it's so seriously cute I let him get by with it. The 22 pounder (Gracie aka The Big Petunia) lays under the cutting table, on her back, and tries to catch every scrap that falls to the floor. I'm not sure I know how to quilt without the company of cats! It's a co-dependency thing.


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I guess I am the odd quilter out. Our dear Priscilla passed several years ago at the ripe old age of 18. She would much rather be outside chasing lizards and birds than inside playing with fabric. Even when her health began to fail and we had to keep her inside, she didn't like the fabric or quilts.


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No kitties at our house (son has asthma) - just a 20-pound Mini-Australian shepherd - and she LOVES quilting! She thinks my trash basket by the sewing machine is for tossing her balls into so I have to spend time retrieving them & tossing them to her!
She does like to sprawl out on tops when I am laying the blocks out (maybe she IS part cat).


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I have two cats and Tigger (age 12)is the one who will when she hears me in the sewing room, comes and sits near me and 'rests' -- on top of what ever fabric or projest is nearby... When I leave the room, so does she!

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I get so tired of cleaning cat hair off my fabrics. If I "ignore it cause it will come off in the wash" I end up sewing it in permanently. I've talked to them about this!!
I've even threatened them with buzz cuts!

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" I'm not sure I know how to quilt without the company of cats! It's a co-dependency thing."


I had five cats..........two of whom had quilt fetishes. They all died two years ago, mostly from complications of being ancient. I went two years without a cat and got a new kitten this spring. He loves the sewing room. When it rains, it pours. I live in the country and somebody dropped kittens in front of our property. I was only able to get one to stay.........the other one ran. So now I have two kittens. My first one is a large male tabby marmalade long-hair and the newest one is a small female tortie long-hair. Love my cats and the house feels complete again.

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I thought when we had to have our last cat put down 14 years ago that the having pets part of my life was over. Wrong! We started 'kitty-cat sitting' for DD after someone dropped a pregnant cat off at her house and somehow 'mama' became ours and daughter, Fuzzball, became theirs. Prissy isn't very friendly (possibly abused in a former life?) but every quilt top I put down on the floor, she immediately has to inspect it. Weird!


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Don't hate me~~I am a dog person.
I do wonder why quilters seem to have cats.

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I'm another quilter whose cats allow me to live in their house! :) For the most part they don't bother me when I'm sewing, except in the afternoon when Penny decides it's time for me to feed them.

Now, if I put my quilty stuff on the floor, like to measure batting or lay out blocks, they will be all over it in about a nanosecond. I don't know how they know...they can be asleep in the other end of the house, but lay a quilt block on the floor and they are right there.

Max enjoys knitting and crocheting. Well, he enjoys "helping" me knit and crochet. As you can imagine, he's a really big help!


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I grew up with a cat and had animals in the house for years. For the past 8-10 years, all the animals live outside. We have 6 horses and 2 dogs. The dogs are both big (rottweiler and golder retriever) and the only time they come in is if it is really cold outside. They both realize it is a treat because they are very well behaved and hardly move when they're inside.

I love cats, but I don't want to mess with the litter box. I'm afraid if I had one outside, the dogs would think it was their personal toy and it wouldn't live very long. We have a lot of mice where we live, so a "mouser" would definitely be good to have :-)


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My last big Tabby tomcat was supposedly a mouser, but males seem to be not so good as females with the prey instinct. He wanted me to do the food provisions and he just ate it. He did, however, by his presence discourage the mice from the henhouse and the chipmunks from my g'houses. No litterbox needed for him. He was an inside/outside cat and when he needed to relieve himself, he was better about asking for out than most dogs. He went to the door and pounded on it with his big, fat paws until a human opened the door. When he was finished and wanted back in you could hear him beating on the screen door loud enough to awaken a person from slumber. He woke me up many a night to let him back in.

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calliope, I think I could handle a cat like that! We're looking at getting some chickens, so if I can get a cat the dogs will like, we might need to get one. You say females are better mousers? Hmmmmm.....

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I have always had cats and dogs, happily co-habitating. I'm sure it's tougher to get them to buddy up if they all live outside but my aunts had outside dogs and barn cats on their farms; that seemed to work OK. If you make the introductions early, then I think it works better.

I'm loving these comments about your cats - the ones who quilt and the ones who don't. My animals bring a lot of joy into my life and occasional sadness too, of course, but it's all worth it for me.

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We always had animals of some sort all ourmarried life up until about 4 years ago,when i gavemy son back his dog,mini schnauzer,that i kept for him for a few years til he found a place where he could have him.

We have had everything that walked,crawled,slithered or flew,as we also had 3 sons.They raised a possom,an owl,all kinds of birds,snakes,lizards,etc and many different kinds of cats and dogs.

Finally when ds took his dog,i said that's it,i don't want anything else,and i've been happy with that decision.

No one to clean up after except ourselves and if we want to take off for a few days,no one to have to ask to care for the animals,Just pick up and go.
Love it

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Does this answer your question? :)

This is Shadow, my two year old baby. He normally doesn't pay attention to my quilting, but has not been feeling good with an upper respiratory infection and decided he wanted my attention last night. Well he got it!

My 16 yr old kitty knows from the other end of the house when I put a block on the floor. I think it is a pressure change in their lower atmosphere.


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What a beautiful Tabby boy.........hope he gets to feeling better soon. He looks like my door pounding cat Hobbes. For those of you who don't have cats, newspapers and open books are their second choice for plopping down.(but only if you're reading them at the time)

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