BM Pewter?

eleenaApril 10, 2013

I have seen that color mentioned on more than one occasion.

A sales person told me that Revere Pewter was very popular around here.

Is that the 'pewter' you "guys" are talking about?


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I am using Revere Pewter as the main color in house. We are currently under construction with a remodel and the walls won't be painted for another couple weeks, so sorry I don't have a picture to send you. I do know that it is a popular color choice.

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I usually see the popular color referred to by its correct name--Revere Pewter. There are, however, a few BM colors with the word "pewter" in the name. It helps to be specific when referring to paint colors.

Here is a link that might be useful: This is BM Pewter

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Thank you both!


I won't be painting before that as we are just starting tiling. I'd appreciate if you could post pix after you finish!


I had never paid any attention to the name in discussions - till this morning - and just remembered the word "pewter", so I wanted to make sure which pewter "everybody" was talking about. :-)

I am hoping people who used any kind of "pewter" would chime in.

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To be more specific, it IS Benjamin Moore "Revere Pewter" that is the popular color here.

I would encourage you to look at other similar colors as as we'll as trying a large, painted sample of Revere Pewter. While RP is a nice, neutral color, there are many wonderful BM colors in that range worth considering.

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Sure, I always do.

I just wanted to have a reference point.

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We use the regular "pewter" which is a solid grey, shown on the fireplace wall in this photo. It's not at all like Revere Pewter but it's exactly what we were after.

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"Your" pewter is very pretty!

I tried painting in another BM grey, close to yours, and the large sample they gave me seemed perfect, but then it looked too "blue" in daylight. I need a warmer color, something in the "greige" family. I am so torn between light soft yellow and light warm grey. We'll see...

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I, too, am using bm revere pewter as the main color for our new build. They are painting now, so I should have pics in a couple of weeks.

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Thank you!

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Painters just finished up last Friday. Here are some pictures of BM Revere Pewter (actually SW paint colored matched to BM Revere Pewter). Sorry, flooring starts this week, so no furniture for contrast, just plain wall color.

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I'm planning on using BM Revere Pewter for most of my common areas in my new house. It just seems to be the perfect neutral -- not too gray, not too beige. I love it!

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Holly- Kay

Eleena, soft yellow sounds so pretty! I just adore a creamy buttery yellow and would love to do my kitchen/breakfast area in a yellow tone but my lr and dining room open up from it and I am going with a chocolate/vanilla theme for the living room/dining room. I am thinking I may go with BM Shaker Beige for the kitchen.

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momto3kiddos do you have any updated pictures? I am considering it as my main color as well.

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Hi kam! The lights were just turned on yesterday and the floors are being finished today and tomorrow. I will take more pics when they let me in there again. :). In the meantime, I do have a few pics posted in the May building thread if you want to look at those.

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I am sorry I missed your post on Monday. I have been crazy busy at work and my remodel is at standstill.

Thank you for the pix!

I am thinking this color might be too dark during the day for my kitchen. I have gotten a sample of BM light pewter but it looks almost off-white and even slightly yellow-y though it looks warm light grey on the paper.

I don't think I'll even be able to choose a color for this kitchen. :-(

In the past, I had consultations from professionals for different rooms. One was an owner of a local decorative store that carried high end paints and the other was an ID. The former got two colors *almost right* and one wrong and the latter got one color *almost right* and two colors very wrong. I now have a lot of re-painting to do - when I get to it eventually.

What am I supposed to do? Sigh

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You might try Edgecomb Gray, on the same color swatch as Revere Pewter. We had chosen Revere Pewter for our bathroom and when I went to buy the paint, a color consultant happened to be there doing free consultations, so on a whim I showed her our space and other colors, and she steered me away from the Revere Pewter because it might be too dark. You can imagine how thrilled DH was when I came home not with the paint I had promised to put up that evening, but with yet another sample (we went through about a dozen grays this time!) However, it was the perfect, perfect color for our space--not too dark (tiny bathroom, didn't want it to feel even tinier) and a beautiful gray. The caveat is that in my Google hunt for grays, several people did report that it went lavender in their homes, so it's definitely a color you need to test in your particular space (but really, in my experience, all grays are that way--a bunch of the gray samples we tried for our bathroom were leftover from when we were choosing a color for our gray kitchen cabinets, and some of them read completely differently in one room than they had in the other). In our house Edgecomb Gray seems like more of a green gray than a blue gray--go figure.

It's also worth noting that while BM has a bunch of grays with "pewter" in the name, they aren't really related to one another (so light pewter isn't necessarily a lighter shade of pewter, etc.) One of the frustrations of paint naming!

Good luck! The right color is out there!

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We just used BM pewter in our master bathroom. We only used it in the tub nook, and used the next color up, silver half dollar, for the rest of the room.
Pewter is a dark gray, reads very gray, not blue or beige in our room.
The silver half dollar looks very pale on the other walls, and I wish we had used the pewter everywhere.
This is the tub nook, with pewter on the walls:

This shot shows the tub nook in the foreground, with the niche in the wall, and then on the further back wall, by the window, the silver half dollar:

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I feel your pain. Last summer when we were in the planning stages of our renovation, I was going to change the main color through out our house to Ben Moore Grant Beige. I even painted a lot of the house (8 ft walls)myself just to get a head start and left all the high ceilings for the painters(see previous pix for just how high-I wasn't going to get on that ladder). Last fall when the Ben Moore paint store had a great coupon (Goupon), I bought a lot of paint to finish as well as other colors to use (pre-reno).

Once the renovation got to point of having painters, I changed ALL MY COLORS. I figured it was only paint that I had wasted and in the grand scheme of things, a minor cost. Going from carpet to brand new hardwood floors, I had to get it right because I do not want any painting done for a long time around the new flooring. Hated to waste gallons and gallons of expensive paint- but "oh well".

Look forward to seeing your project done.

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Here's a few pics of the revere pewter in our home with the lights on.

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I'm in the process of choosing paint for our upcoming kitchen remodel. I almost wish I only had 10 colors from which to choose - it would be so much easier!

I started out with about 15 possibilities, that I brought home and stared at with my countertop sample, flooring sample, and cabinets (though the new ones won't be exactly the same color).

Yesterday I spent an hour at the paint store, next to a big window, narrowing down my choices. Then I got big samples (I think 6"x8" sheets) of my top 5, and brought those home to evaluate in my own lighting. The big samples were so much more useful then the tiny ones - and the price was right. I might still get a pint and test it on the wall before I go all out.

While I agree with 1pandora that paint is pretty easy to replace in the grand scheme of things, I would much rather paint before my new cabinets go in, rather than paint around them (I've done that before, and it's a pain).

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