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vicky4x4July 26, 2011

Have you ever "birthed" a quilt?

(birthed is to turn it right side out after sewing the edges together)

I know people do it but I have always put a binding on my quilts.


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I have, and I will never do it again! I prefer a bound quilt.

But that's not my only objection. It's easy to distort the batting while birthing the quilt, and that makes for uneven quilting. It's also difficult to get the edge seam to stay on the edge. It will want to roll one way or the other. Birthing can work for small items, but I don't make placemats or wall hangings.

So - never ever again.

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I have not - & don't plan to. The whole idea doesn't appeal to me. I guess I'm a binding-only gal.

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I used to 35 years ago - not today! I didn't know it was called "birth" then! I used this method when making poofy comforters and quick baby quilts. It produces a much different look than the quilts we make today.

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I use this method mostly when just using fleece for the backing and no batting. I don't have a problem with it.


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I have birthed wall hangings and fleece backed throws but not a quilt. Just don't think I could birth a quilt. I have enough trouble just laying out flat the backing, batting, and top, pinning the whole thing and keeping THAT all neat and smooth!

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I've done it a time or two but only to apply a quilt top to an existing store-bought comforter or blanket.

Right now I'm making 18" string quilt blocks. The intention is to recover a king sized comforter I received at my bridal shower in 1977. It's been dragged all over creation--to the beach, picnics, to tee-ball and little league games. For awhile we folded it for the dog's cage. There are stains and tears and worn spots with the fill coming out. It's pretty rough looking and needs a new top. It's just so practical as a drag-around that I can't just toss it. Maybe I'll do something else for the bottom, I'll see.

The funny thing is, I started using Bonnie Hunter's method of turning scraps into strips. Figuring a king-sized quilt would use them up, I dove into the project. I've got 3 more blocks to do and I'll bet I have enough strips to make 4 more quilts.

But use the birthing method for a regular quilt? No. I just don't like the way it lays and looks when birthed.

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I did it once or twice on very small quilts, and just did not like the way it looked, plus it was very hard to get a nice looking tie knot to keep it from shifting all over the place. Definately NOT on my will do again list.

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I did it recently on a wall hanging for my grandson's nursery at the suggestion of a friend. Like Mary C I didn't like the way it turned out. It started getting wonky on me when I went to quilt it. Then I had to keep taking out the quilting. Took me longer than I intended. Not for me. I will bind my quilts from now on.

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I've also done it for poofy comforters--but those were tied, not quilted. Anything I'm going to quilt gets a binding...to me, it just looks more "squared up."


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I use the birthing method for miniatures when they are too small to do a binding...like about 6" square or less. To me it's too difficult to sew a binding nicely to a quilt that small.

I think you have to use some version of birthing when doing prairie points. I have one quilt with PP and I think I basted them to the edge of the top, flipped them out, then turned under the raw edge of the backing and sewed it by hand to the back of the prairie points. Though I think I quilted it first.


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I've done it a lot - especially on flannel quilts that are tied because it makes a much softer edge to snuggle with.

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I've birthed "quillows" - those (minimally quilted) lap quilts that fold into a pillow. But that's about the only time I would use the birthing technique.

Much prefer a binding on my quilts!


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Recently I finished a string baby quilt and didn't have enough of the right colors left for binding so I birthed it. It was okay but I wouldn't ordinarilly do this.

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I birthed a couple of baby quilts and table runner. Both baby quilts were made with fairly patterned fabrics and I didn't use a border. They looked fine with top stitching along the sides. If I ever complete a full-size quilt, I doubt I'd use birthing technique which seems rather short-cutting/simplifying to me.

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This is interesting timing as I started this process this morning. I have never done a quilt this way before so it is a challenge but this is for a top that my GD finished with my help and only wants a fleece backing and no batt. I decided I didn't want to bind it. (I may be sorry). I have it sewn around the outside and about to trim the edges getting then turn it. I plan on doing a sm amount of quilting. We will see----I hope Sharon is right. lol

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Jayne, With you're expertise, you'll be fine!


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LOL==so far it is working but not something I will do again on a something 62X62. It will never be my first choice I can see that.

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