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vicky4x4July 8, 2011

Do you get any quilting magazines?

I used to get Quiltmaker magazine but lately I find there is just so much on the internet I know longer pay for a magazine. I sure do love to look at them though and I will check them out at Barnes and Noble given the chance!


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Quiltmaker is the only one I still take. But, I have lots of friends who share so I eventually see most.

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I used to get a few, and particularly enjoyed Fons & Porter. But I've found them to regurgetate the same patterns over and over...nothing really new and exciting for me. So I've stopped spending the money.

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I am still getting Quilters Newsletter and Quiters' Home but do not plan to renew my subscriptions when they expire. I agree - seems like so much is on the internet. I have to admit, I do love to re-read them and look at the pictures, and I have several years worth saved to do just that!

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I still get Fons and Porter, but when my subscription expires, I'll not renew. I will never be able to complete my bucket list, so why add to it.


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When I first "discovered" quilting a few years ago, I subscribed to Fons and Porter, McCalls Quilting, Quilters World, and American Patchwork & Quilting. I have let all expire except the Better Homes and Gardens American Patchwork & Quilting. I like it the best and it has patterns and ideas that I can do and have done. I also use a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby and get the Quilts and More issue that comes out ever so often.
In fact, I am working on the yo yo quilt shown on the cover of the June issue of American Patchwork&Quilting. Very pleased with how easy it has been...even making 409 x-large yoyo's!

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I no longer have magazine subscriptions either. Too many UFO's around here but that doesn't keep me from sewing another one that someone would post online that would grab me by the throat and haul me off to the machine. Online works for me.


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I used to get Fons & Porter as well. Now I sometimes browse through magazines at Border's, but like everyone else, I have a mile long to do list without adding to it.

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I don't buy quilt magazines unless I find them at a garage sales for cheap or free.

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I am a magazine "junkie". I do believe they have deteriorated but still subscribe to Am. Patchwork and Quilting (I have all the issues except the first 2) and Quilters World. I used to change between the others as subscriptions ran out but decided I would spend the monies on mag. at the newsstand allowing me to pick and choose.
I love being able to go thru them when I am looking for ideas and rereading articals.

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