Help! Can't Get the Wrinkles Out...

bigbabyMay 4, 2009

of my new comforter!

It's 100% Polyester from Target but as you can see from the picture there are wrinkles that won't come out! I washed it as directed in a commercial, front-loading machine and dried it on low. I even hung it on the clothes line (it had a strange, chemically odor) and after it was dried I spritzed it again with water and let it dry again! Nothing works!

The second picture shows the whole thing with this wonderful headboard Ron and I got at an auction last week for $30! It's antique oak and everything! You can't really see it very well in this picture, though.

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The wrinkles will come out on their own...give it about a week on the bed.

The first time I washed mine, I thought I had ruined it. Within two days on the looked fine.

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Maybe I am not perfectionist enough, but in the pictures it looks nice. Am I not seeing the wrinkles? I am sure some other KTer will help you, with your wrinkles better than I can, I am no expert. The only thing I could suggest is that spray on from Downy that releases the wrinkles or a hand held steamer.

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It looks great..time will take care of the wrinkles.. been there,


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I think it looks lovely. The wrinkles will work out in time....but really, I see very few wrinkles.

I love the headboard!


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I'm having a problem with my wrinkles as well !

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I have the same problem with a comforter. It's been on the bed for over a month and still looks wrinkly. I figure if wrinkles give us ladies character, it does the same for the spread!!

I love that headboard, too! And the pillows.

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Thanks everyone! Well, I guess this thread has given me permission to do absolutley nothing! Love that!!!!!!

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If you have some that really bother you, try taking a hair dryer and blow on it a bit. When I have a very wrinkled shirt or pants and don't have time to put it in the bachelor's iron (aka dryer) I hit it with the hair dryer. And in the winter the warmth feels good.

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I'm guessing the front-load washer spun it too hard, setting in the wrinkles. If it really bothers you, maybe a laundry or dry cleaner could 'de-wrinkle' it for you. Can you call the manufacturer for any advice?

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I opened this thread expecting Bigbaby to be complaing about my personal apperance but, I guess I'm okay for a while yet.


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LOL, Ron! Apparently she is not planning to take wrinkle-releaser to your personal parts yet!
Wouldn't it be great if wrinkle releaser for faces came in a spray bottle like that?
Big Baby, if it is bothering you I would buy a bottle of that stuff, it really works well.
Next time you wash the comforter you might try taking it out before the machine completely spins out.
Suzan J

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don't know if this will work on the comforter, but to remove permanent creases on polyester spray with white vinegar..i've used this method when i've hemmed dh's slacks

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The headboard is lovely!

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rthummer mentioned Downy Wrinkle Releaser, which I love. I use it all the time on anything that can't be ironed. Just spray some on and use the palms of your hands to "iron" out the wrinkles. It works and smells great!

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