Experience with Honed Pebble Ceasarstone

kristieschultzApril 13, 2013

After changing my mind twice about my countertop selection, I am now considering getting Honed Pebble Ceasarstone and am concerned about etching, staining issues. Can you post any pictures you have of it and let me know how the maintenance has been? Also, if you have the glossy, I would love to see it installed and get opinions because I may just go with the glossy if I decide against the honed.

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Was considering the same, so curious to see any responses as well. Our designer warned us off the honed based on the bad experience of a previous client and told us to read the company's disclaimer on the honed option. We'll probably just go with polished.

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It is more difficult to clean as it's surface texture "grabs" dirt and oil. Be sure to get a sample and test whether or not you can live with it or not.

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Here is our glossy pebble. It's been in since last August. No problems and easy maintenance.

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My uncle, a builder, recently installed honed Pebble in his own gorgeous new house. My aunt mentioned that they had to sign off on something agreeing that they wouldn't hold Caesarstone liable for wear because of the honed surface. So with my own kitchen, we are going with regular polished. (We have little kids.) But I can say that their counters are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen, I love, love, loved them, and they are what convinced me to go with quartz. I say, if you keep a really neat kitchen, go for it.

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Thanks for the comments. I, too, think I will go with polished because I certainly don't want to spend that much money for something that is going to look worn etc. If I was going to get something like that, I would pay alot less and buy some beautiful, natural, white marble with dark veining. I'm sure the honed ceasarstone looks good too tho but I just can't deal with that kind of wear and tear. No way!!! I think polished is the way to go. Annsch, I like how your countertop and white cabinets turned out. what color floor did you do???? I would love to see more pictures as I am trying to coordinate colors and so far am set on the white backsplash, pebble glossy top, white cabinets and am contemplating a lighter grey floor.

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The floors are fir with a natural finish. I recently had pictures taken by our builder for his profile on HOUZZ. Look for Burlingame kitchen. We have Caesarstone Blizzard for the island.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures of my kitchen

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