'Almost Final' Color Scheme

uroboros5April 11, 2011

My kitchen is being redone in August.

Below is a PHOTOSHOP MONTAGE of my planned color scheme and choices.

- Expresso maple shaker cabinets

- White Rose granite

- "Valencia" door pulls from Jeffrey Alexander

- Hakatai iridescent ice glass tiles for backsplash

- Truffle silgranit sink

- Some stained glass cabinet insets (will do myself)

- My dish sets are in the corner: Denby 'Reflex' and Denby 'Azure', Mikasa 'Deco Art' and Royal Albert 'Beatrice'.

(1) There is something a little off-putting though, I think it's the TRUFFLE color sink, I'm thinking it would be better in CAFE. Ideas?

(2) Also, the 'Beatrice' dishes don't work stylistically as well as I anticipated, I had hoped to leave some out for decoration, like the teapot and a few cups... maybe not... what do you think?

(3) I was also contemplating making some of the stars in the stained glass insets in pink or purple in addition to the cool blue. Might that be 'too much'? Only 3 doors will have these insets.

Thoughts? Opinions?

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Beautiful! Should be stunning when it's all put together.

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Hi uroboros5, I think 'Beatrice' is the odd one out because it is not a stylized/geometrical pattern, the rest is. I think I would rather not use it.

I do not find the 'truffle' silgranit clashing with your other materials, but it would be good to have another montage with 'cafe' for comparison.

HTH, Petra

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I'd like to see cafe, too.

I think your design decisions are beautiful! I don't know about the pink, but a purple, that picks up the flecks in the granite, would look very nice, in the stained glass.

The Beatrice dishes are lovely, but the colors seem too warm, with your other choices. How about white dishes, with gray flowers, even roses, instead of all the colors? I've seen several of these, over the years (even had some in the past) and they're very pretty, but you only see the flowers, not the color. I think they would be a nice addition to your kitchen choices :)

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If you have some time, check out some of these beautiful dishes...lots of choices! This is just one link, which I picked because I was shopping there a few weeks ago...and saw some pretty dishes :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Gray and white dishes

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The CAFE is the same color as the Expresso wood. I had reservations about having something that matches the cabinets, that I'd rather keep relatively unseen. Thoughts?

Hehe, if I buy more dishes, my husband will bash me over the head with one of them!

Points taken about 'Beatrice.' Will keep in closet except to serve cake!

Following suggestions about the glass colors, here are more possibilities:

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Circus Peanut

Could you take it in a grayer direction, or would that be too disrespectful of the intensity inherent in the glass?

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I like the truffle sink with the granite, and the ice is great. I'm thrown off by the stained glass, would love to see it without additional color, could it be done in clear where the blue it?
There is a softness in your colors and I wonder if the starkness of the very dark cabinet frame is a little to contrasted? Have you considered a charcoal gray cabinet? Just my ideas...

I like all the dishes except for Beatrice. She just seems out of place.


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I love that truffle sink. Cafe Brown is lovely, but truffle is such a great color and looks GORGEOUS with your granite. If you're looking for unobtrusive -- that's the winner.

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I think the cafe sink would have too much contrast to your counter, and not fade away like you want, and like the truffle will do. If not the truffle, I might try their gray (not anthracite) to see if it fades/blends any more than the truffle.

For the stained glass, I like no color or the burgundy first, since, dishes or no, they go wonderfully with your kitchen materials. I like the teal, also, as it is complementary and gives a nice 'opposite' sort of pizazz to the rest. It has the additional benefit of connecting to the dishes well. The blue and purple, in that order, are not doing anything for me in this combo.

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I went and I bought some fabrics.

My kitchen chairs have home made removable covers that are washable, and I will make new ones to fit the new kitchen.

I also bought curtains for the patio door.

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I LOVE the purple stained glass...it's beautiful with the granite! I think it looks best with the truffle sink, too...but it is my favorite color :)

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I will keep the TRUFFLE!

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I'm looking at those pulls with a lot of lust--these were on my hit list at one time. "Ruched" was the term, I think. I was on a Scandinavian modern kick and I had a tile listello picked out that had a similar vibe. I look forward to seeing them in use in a real kitchen. I was impressed with the Alexander line of designs.

It seems that you have mostly mod things picked out, but with an occasional girly/swirly/flowery moment. Not sure how well this will play; I strongly urge you to remember the angles and circles and patterned solids theme you've established. Don't be afraid of solid color pieces that can be changed out--like dishes. Consider glass dishes--mod and assertive single color glass. On the other hand, I'd suggest sticking to non-color in the middles of the cab glass or the turquoise which is a more typically used color with mod stuff. How much cab glass will you have? That's a very assertive cab glass pattern--I'd suggest limiting it to a few distinctive spots and not a room full of it.

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I have only 3 glass doors.

Incidentally, the cabinet pattern matches my front door.

I'll be using the same CLEAR swirly glass. The inside of the cabinets is the same dark shade as the doors.

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@ circus peanut

I actually love your ice white suggestion for the glass inset. I'll see what I have in the glass collection that might fit.

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I think it's the glass tile - it's a blueish color and the rest is on the brown/grey side.

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I think your color choices will give you a wonderfully unique kitchen! While I love purple, my favorite color for the star insets is the teal because it gives you that bit of wow and soft eye catching that the pink and purple don't. Not totally clear if you are planning to use black or clear baroque glass tho. I think l lean toward the black but not one that has a lot of black swirls in the glass.

Since you do glass, have you thought about making a few of your knobs/pulls out of glass using the Hangyourglass.com hardware? That would also provide a color pop against your cabinets too. Using the leaf shape from your curtains would make a really nice pull and give you some curving lines to soften your look.

BTW, I have a sheet of that catspaw glass and it is gorgeous but has a lot of activity in it and I wonder if it might be too overpowering for your kitchen.

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I tried warmer colored glass tiles and I didn't like it because... it was too warm and old-fashioned looking, and the very light grayish blue of the glass tiles cools everything in a subtle way, and looks more modern. The warm tiles would clash with the dishes, the dishes would be the only blue tone in the room.

I will be using clear baroque. Though clear, it will look dark because the inside of the cabinets is dark.

I'd never seen that "hangyourglass" product line, it's pretty cool!

The Catspaw glass isn't as dark as it's seen in the photograph, and the quantities will be quite small overall in the design. Fortunaly, I will make those last, so I'll be able to pick a color once everything is done.

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As much as I love purple, I'd do the blue or clear/white glass. You may want to consider doing the inside of the cab in a blue tone like you currently show with the glass. That would be like a mellow jacket that has a lining with some punch.
I am glad you are sticking with the truffle sink. The darker color would show every water drop and everything else.

I really like all your other choices, but as noted before, the Beatrice does not flow with them. The Reflex pattern is the only one out of that grouping that would work.

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Funny you should mention the interior of the cabinets benefiting from some blue, because I was planning to make sure I have blue dishes showing through!

I will put more pictures as the kitchen progresses. And I will decide on the stained glass LAST.

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Loving that last collection of materials and colors you posted. AND your wonderful front door!

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