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quiltnhenJuly 26, 2014

Don't know what that says, but it sure isn't nice!

Weeks of worrying about what quilt pattern to use on my son's quilt. Days of practicing alternatives. Today I took it to the quilt shop to buy the thread and got good advice on which quilting motif to use.

Naturally on the practice piece things looked good. Well...not so when I started the quilt...

So, clean the machine oil it, change the tension repeatedly, change the needle twice.

About 2+ hours later I finally started. It's not perfect yet, but I've at least started.

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I have so been there, not a fun day. I ended up taking the tension assembly apart and cleaning it. They always seem to know when it is an important quilt, then they break down.


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So I'm quilting the first turtle block on my new Tiara. The tension is perfect, and the quilting turned out great. I was so excited... until I took the quilt out from under the needle and realized that somehow my little practice quilt had been picked up by my turtle quilt and I had very neatly quilted through them both. So, I had to rip out the first block. It could have been so much worse. If I had been doing an all over pattern and not realized my mistake, I might have gone on for much longer than just one block. Oh, the joys of a new toy.

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Thanks for the sympathy. Wow loisf, sure glad you caught it early, no pun intended!

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Some machines are very picky about what threads will work on quilting. I solved my problems by changing brands of threads. I used one specific brand for years and lately found a second that my machine can use. So, you might try experimenting with threads as well.

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Thanks toolgranny. I should probably try something new. I used King Tut a lot recently, but had no problems. Some of the problem seems to be the backing fabric. It's kind if a crispy feeling batik I bought on sale online. The machine has a little trouble over seams and frequently misses on the back of the work. I think it's working ok now when the operator is careful over seams and sews at an even speed. Sure hope so, I haven't been back upstairs since the bobbin and my back ran out last night.
Love Dharma too.

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Yah! Removing the slider thingy helped too!

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