RECIPE: Mascarpone cheese in lasagna?

Glitter53November 1, 2005

I have a container of mascarpone cheese sulking in the fridge...can I use it in lasagna to replace ricotta cheese or is it too soft to maintain any firmness in the lasagna? I have visions of a mud-slide when it's cut into...

Thank you for any suggestions you may have! ;-)

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I have a cousin who makes a great version of lasagna using dollops of cream cheese between the layers and on top. She doesn't spread it over the whole pan, just adds a spoonful here and there in place of a more traditional ricotta cheese layer. It's delicious!


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That's a big help, Seagrass! I shall 'dollop' to my heart's content! (and hope the thing doesn't slither around when I cut into it! ;-)

Thank you!

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I also have a freind who uses it in lasagna, I'm sure she dollops too!

I use marscapone in my 4 cheese sauce which I serve over noodles or as a sauce for stuffed shells. Don't have an exact recipe but basically it's an Alfredo type sauce using cream, parmesan, marscapone, gorgonzola and asiago. You could just use the parmesan and marscapone.

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I think it sounds way too rich to sub for a skim milk ricotta.
Lasagna is not exactly a slouch in the fat department with all the mozzerella and the parm and the olive oil and sausage.....makes my stomach hurt to think of mascarpone in that.
Left over marscarpone? make tiramisu!!!...That's supposed to be rich....and you don't eat a whole plate of it....just a dainty serving....well that's how it's supposed to be served!! LOL!
I wouldn't put it in lasagna.....way too cloyingly rich.
Linda C

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I love mascarpone. Go for it. The richer the better in my book.


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What's the expression: "Never too rich or too thin"?
'Course...if you EAT rich, you're never too thin...on the other's going to be shared with company, so considering everything else we'll be eating and drinking this weekend...omg...I'll diet on Monday. Again.

I'm going to go for it! D&mn the torpedos! Full speed ahead!!

Thanks ladies....I sincerely appreciate your help! ;-D

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FWIW.......I called my friend and asked her how she made her lasagna with mascarpone. She said she puts a few dollops on each cheese layer then smooths it out, sprinkles a good amount of parmesan on the same layer and then spreads on a bechamel sauce. Tomato/meat sauce on alternate layers. She only uses mozarella on the top layer.

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So how was it? I find mascarpone slightly sweet. Don't know how I'd care for it in lasagna. That dish is already full of rich flavors.

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It's made, dollops and all (actually, it was a bonding experience, with hubby and I dolloping and assembling together! ;-), and in the freezer until Friday evening's dinner.
I certainly will let you know how it turned out in case you ever have a container of mascarpone screaming for attention in your fridges, also! ;-D

Thank you all for your wonderful input and suggestions!

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Marscapone is wonderful with fresh figs. Sometimes I stuff them with it.

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