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vicky4x4July 14, 2011

Do you let your batting "breath" or "relax" before using it. Or do you use it straight out of the package?

I never remember to take it out early. I have tried the dryer thing but it didn't seem to make any difference.


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Mostly, I buy cotton batting by the yard, so it is rolled on a tube, but it is folded in half. I try to allow it to relax over night after I cut it, before I pin it on the frame. It seams to lay better. I have tossed it in the dryer on low, if it was at the end and had alot of creases or wrinkles.

I have limited time for quilting, so I seem to do everything divided in segments of time, so letting the batting relax is the easy part for me.

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No.....lol.....I usually just beat that batting into submission.

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I *used* to do that back in my early days. But now it gets put in its place quickly and pinned within an inch of its life as fast I can get 'er done.

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Nah - not any more! I used to, and then I got in a rush one day and didn't. Lo and behold - absolutely no difference.

So, if I have to trim the batting, it might sit out overnight, as I double check the measurements in the morning, but that's all the breathing it will get.

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mine doesn't breathe either. It's sink or swim, baby.

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Batting relax! breathe!? I must have missed that set of instructions when I first learned to quilt....LOL or I was so focused on the top and backing that I didn't pay attention if doing something to the batting was mentioned.
Seriously, I really don't know what you are talking about. Why? How? and what is the purpose of doing it?
Obviously, I don't do it, didn't know you "should" and don't know how. I just do as calliope does and "beat it into submission". You mean there is an easier way???
thanks for any info,

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The brand that I use Quilters Dream) does not seem to need that extra step. This batting lays out well and there is no difference that I can see when I do let it breath a bit.

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No one ever told me that step, either! I have used Quilters Dream on the few I've done, so maybe that's why??? Is it supposed to make it fluffier??? Humm....


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No, it doesn't make it fluffier - resting the batting is just to let any wrinkles and fold lines relax.

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I get mine by the bolt, and just unroll it.


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I had never heard of letting it breath either.

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No. But I have to admit I have been tempted with some of the batts I'vd used recently. I did use the dryer method with one but didn't see much improvement. I have always used Hobbs rolled but tried a Quilters Dream wool that was folded and was very pleased with it. I may swithch.

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