Smith and Noble Alternatives

chefwongMay 28, 2012

alrighty GW gang. Where else do ya'll order shades and such.

Blinds shopping and shades are on my todo list.

I have seen some where the fit and finish are amazing. It's as if the pulls are on ball bearings, etc. Then again, this was a walkthrough in a house in which the homeowner spent 700K just on windows *not window treatments* but windows alone.

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The Shade Store seems to be a bit better material and function wise, in my opinion. In the house you walked through, you were probably looking at something like Mechoshade

Here is a link that might be useful: Mechoshade

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I ordered mine from a local shade shop that carries all the big lines. I have a lot of Levolor cellular blinds and some others like Bali. I compared the cost of Smith & Noble and some other online stores and my store was about the same. The big difference was that he brought samples out to the house, measured and installed.

The worst blinds I have are roller blinds that I got from Home Depot. I ordered them from a small sample and didn't like thm so much when they got here. I also had to struggle to install them myself. Anyway, that's my experience with shades!

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JCPenney also will do as Dedtired's shop does-come out and measure, bring samples, and discuss options with you.

Don't be put off by "Penneys!" They have some very current, very good quality products and they do a good job installing them.

Custom window treatments are not inexpensive anywhere, including Penneys, but they are relatively reasonable there, imo.

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I've ordered from S&N and Penney's. Like Dedtired said they're comparable in price. Penney's carries Bali, Kirsch, and Levolor. They have samples in house and you can also order free samples through them or online.

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I got a quote from smith and noble. I loved their fabrics, I actually stopped into Penneys and found the idential fabrics and spent about 40% less. I was happy with the finished product.

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If you have a Budget Blinds franchise anywhere near you, I have used them in 2 states have been happy with both. They come to you and bring sample books, measure, order, and install.

I have had inconsistent experiences with Smith and Noble.

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Try Payless decor. Com. I have read good things about them. I ordered some samples that were great. I ended up not using them as I found out aware moving in July. But for our next house, I will likely order from them.

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Recently used Steves Blinds online, which I first heard about here. Cellular shades we ordered seem comparable to the Hunter Douglas we've purchased before. Much cheaper. Quick, too.

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