anyone with cork in the kitchen, shout out!

ardcpApril 2, 2014

so another flooring post and i am sick of thinking about the floor already:)
how do you like your cork? is is durable? glue down tile or floating plank? what brand?
i am hoping cork could be my alternative to hardwood or vinyl. i love hardwood but not sure it can handle the heavy traffic of my kitchen and garage hallway. i have ruled out tile as it's cold and hard and i have knee issues.
i would love to hear how it's going with your cork and the pros/cons!

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from a blog -

Here is a link that might be useful: Installing Cork Tile Flooring in the Kitchen

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We put down glue less click cork on two kitchens. Loved them both. So soft underfoot and so ich warmer underfoot than tile. Lived with the first one for about three years and the second for about a year. Both looked great and were easy to keep clean for that time. I hade one child for about half the time in the first and for the whole time in the second. No dogs or other pets in either so I can't speak to those issues at all.

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I installed cork this year, and I just love it. Really is as soft and warm as they claim. Mine is the floating plank, and it looks a lot more like wood than cork. Brand is US Floors. It has a nice soft satin finish that glows, but a very tough top wear layer that is smooth and easy to vac/Swiffer/or sweep. The only drawback is that it will sun-fade over time, and I'm OK with that since it's natural to the patterns of light in my kitchen, and I don't plan to put any rugs in the sunlit areas. Look for a brand with a good thick top layer (i.e. NOT the stuff at Lumber Liquidators!)

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Duro Design installed 1' X 2' cork tiles glued to a subfloor 7 years ago on our entire first floor including mud room and kitchen and it has held up extremely well. I can't imagine a better flooring for our home. We use roller chairs around our kitchen table since getting the floor and there are no signs of wear. I think the installer put down five coats of water based urethane sealer. I feels great underfoot and is never cold. It's very easy to care for and I'm so glad to see the carpet go away.

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I don't have it in the kitchen, but I do have it in the basement - TV room and gym. We have the floating planks. As you might imagine, the gym gets its share of abuse - weights dropped, benches dragged around, etc. We've had it about 4 years, and it looks new. It is incredibly comfortable and warm (even in the middle of our Canadian winters). I'm sure it would be great in the kitchen also.

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We just installed WE Serenity floating plank cork flooring in February, and love it so far. We chose it because it looks like hardwood, and there are also some choices that look like tile. It's easy to clean, comfortable, and looks great. Several friends have thought that it was hardwood. We have a 95 pound Bernese Mountain dog, and gave this a lot of consideration, but the flooring has a really good warranty, so we went with it.

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We used the planks in the bedrooms of our last house. Loved the feel of it underfoot. It's not exactly hardwearing, though - or maybe it was the super thin laminate surface...

Here is a link that might be useful: Cork flooring

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We have Jelinik cork glue down tiles in our kitchen/LR and I really like it. We had a bit of an install glitch but the material is wonderful to stand on and walk on. It's quiet and soft... very nice.

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We put in USFloors glue down tiles in the kitchen. Love it! Like any floor you sweep regularly. We damp mop with water when needed and so far no problems. The only small issue we had was using a folding chair that I forgot to put felt pads on. The regular chairs with pads have left no marks at all. The chair with no pads and a 300lb guy left some dents, but they are gradually fading away.

I wish we had more rooms for cork, but our basement isn't a candidate (below grade so no glue down, rare flooding, so no floating floors), DH didn't want two different corks in adjacent rooms on the first floor, and unless I redo the whole banister install the small upstairs will need to stay carpet.

Do install UV filters first. I bought some for the slider and didn't get around to it, then it was too cold for months (per product instal specs). Now I have significant fading in that area. My fault, I knew that going in. Still looks ok as it's not a sharp edge, all gradual.

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