Can you paint over (cover) granite tiles?

binsdMay 29, 2011

I really, really want to do something about the surround on our FP. I hate the granite tiles but we don't currently have the resources to remove and replace it.

Is it possible to paint over granite with success? I've been trying to google but have not found anything.


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I'm sure you could with some preparation but I would think it would be a little icky looking.

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maybe you could tile over it?

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I am surprised nothing came up when you googled it. I have heard that this can be done. Hopefully more people will weigh in on this.

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Could we get pics ?
I'm sure with proper prime/sealer
it can be done.
What look are you wanting instead of granite ?

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I know someone who got some small glass mosaic remnants for basically short change and glued them on individually and close together so no grout was needed. She did her whole FP surround, it looks amazing and you would NEVER know it was an afternoon craft project! I think the kids even helped. No cutting or sanding or anything. They even sell self adhesive tiles now!

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I wouldn't recommend using paint or glue around a fireplace. It needs to be fireproof material, such as tile, installed with thinset, not glue. Even if the flammable material doesn't catch fire, it could release some toxic fumes when it reaches a high temperature.

Tiling a fireplace surround is a relatively easy and inexpensive project. A bag of thinset is around $12-$15 and you can find all sorts of tile for less than $5 a square foot. It could even be less than $1 on Craigslist, or for free on Freecycle. You're talking under $50 for the whole project.

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The appropriate paint to use would be something like this, if the granite gets hot.It has limited colors.

If you have a metal firebox/insert that can be drywalled and framed right up to, the outside is not getting hot enough to ignite wood or drywall, so it shouldn't be hot enough to cause offgas, but who knows.This is the typical new construction zero clearance firebox. We are doing a project where the "surround"we removed was pieces of slate glued onto the drywall and this was inspected, and based upon the type of installation it was acceptable. Whatever surround we put back will probably be similarly attached. So, if you have a similar situation you may be able to attach right onto the granite, or paint over it without concern that it get too hot. If this type of construction gets too hot you have more to worry about than fumes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stove Paint.

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Ok was informed it was not glue but some sort of thinset. I should have used the term "stuck" not glued (didn't mean actual glue ;) ) since I didn't know the method. Sorry! Plus in her situation the FP never gets used because it is all rough white granite stone up to the 30 foot faulted ceilings. She is afraid to ruin the beautiful stone. So it is currently non-functioning (for her).

But the idea I was getting at was she inexpensively and quickly applied a glass mosaic to the existing surround without having to cut or grout.

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yes, we can do

Here is a link that might be useful: Atlanta granite

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DDepending upon the look you want...I covered the cheap marble tile used by PO with premixed tile set. It only took a pint as these were inside a large surround. I did texture this a bit to look like stucco. Then painted and aged with stain. 5 years and no cracks. I use my wood fireplace every winter.

Now I'm up for tiling over this and knowing how well it has held up, will be an easy process. The tile set is hard as a rock.

Tile set would also be an easy change to some of the brick fireplaces many want to change. Definitely permanent though and a decorator's choice for style.

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