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vacuumfreakOctober 14, 2007

I know this is just kind of an informal thing that everyone wings, BUT how do you make your sloppy joes? Also, what kind of bread/bun do you use with them?

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Bobby, I started this discussion on the CF a month or so back..
I winged it with the help of a few forum members and served it on my honey wheat bread made into buns.

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The thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sloppy Joes

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Thanks.... I only use your bread recipe anyway! I'll have a look at that thread!

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Sloppy Joes are all about improvising. Start with ground beef....or pork...or chicken...or lamb, veal or turkey....and start adding things.
Break the meat up as it browns and add "stuff"...chopped veggies.. tomatoes, onions, peppers, corn....whatever. Then add juicy things...like catsup, tomato sauce, pizza sauce, BBQ sauce, a can of soup of one kind or another, wine if you like...even beer...seasonings...salt and pepper unless you have added a lot of soup or soup seasonings...herbs...oregano, basil, sage, parsley, cilantro....and cook slowly until as thick as you wish.
It's fun to do things like Mexican sloppy joes, or pizza flavored with lots of cheese, or greek with veal and lamb seasoned with oregano and lemon with chopped mushrooms, onion, garlic and tomatoes with some bread crumbs to hold it all together...
Pork with onions and BBQ sauce is good.
Really anything goes!
Linda C

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Ack, I answered the other thread....and I missed that sloppy joe thread. Now I have more to experiment with.

LindaC, I wing it with most of the things I cook, but sloppy joes, well...the comment is always, "I like it better the way you usually make it." With the packet.

Bobby I forgot to say that I've made them into turnovers using a basic bread dough. With cheddar cheese...like a little sloppy calzone.

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Katie, that is a great idea..a pocket..the boys might like it more that way..My little ones weren't to fond of the "slop" part..LOL I guess I should have started them earlier..

And they always leave whatever falls off a bun or what have you on the plate..never will eat it...So maybe the pocket is just the thing...
Thanks for that suggestion!

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Nancy zone 6

I've tried different ways of making sloppy joes, DH only likes them "his" way. Ketchup. He cooks the ground beef, drains, then covers the entire thing in ketchup & cooks a few more minutes, he likes it "dry". I prefer more onion, green peppers in mine.

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