Get your nails done and sell your house....

gmp3July 1, 2011

A few weeks ago I went and treated myself to a pedicure during a showing. I started a conversation with the woman in the next chair and she actually stopped by after we finished. Long story short, they just wrote a contract on our house. The moral of the story is, tell everyone you are selling! You never know where you'll meet your buyer.

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That is excellent advice! I can't tell you how many people want to sell their house and don't want to put a sign on it because "they dont want the neighbors to know". My response is always the same. "You want me to sell your house, but you dont want me to tell anyone?" ;)

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I think there is something to the theory that the person who buys your house may be like you, i.e., they will frequent the same places, like the same things. The buyer commented to me that every major event in her life was the result of a chance meeting.

A neighbor called after the offer to tell me her friend wanted to see our house because she loves it. I guess I should have networked the neighbors first.

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We've lived in our teardown/new build for ten years. I've noticed a pattern where a neighbor will have a ladies' tea or brunch immediately before the house goes on the market. Nothing is said beyond the homeowner/party-giver mentioning downsizing in a vague sort of way. It's happened too often to be coincidental.

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That's a great reminder! Years ago I was selling a house. I went out on a couple of dates with a guy. It didn't work out. But he told his brother about my house and the brother bought it.

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We sold our house to some neighbors walking by on the street. They saw us tidying up the front flower beds, complimented the house, and we mentioned we were getting ready to list. Sold within a week --

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